Kyle Clinkscales Wikipedia: New Details In The 45 Years Old Missing Case

Kyle Clinkscales Wikipedia: New Details In The 45 Years Old Missing Case

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Kyle Clinkscales was an Auburn University student who went missing more than 45 years ago. Get to know his parents and family here. 

The ruins of the missing case that went on for the last 45 years were found in Alabama Creek. The Police found his car along with his university ID card and wallet. Also, they have suspected human remains to be present at the scene as well.

Kyle Clinkscales was a 22-year-old student at Auburn University who went missing in January 1976. He hasn’t been seen ever since until his car was found on Tuesday.

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Kyle Clinkscales Wikipedia: Who Was He?

Kyle Clinkscales was a student at Auburn University, Alabama. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio of his own.

However, he has been a subject of discussion for the last 45 years or so. On January 27, 1976, he went missing when was returning from his job as a bartender in La Grange.

No one heard from him ever since. But his parents received an anonymous phone call saying that the caller saw Kyle being buried in a cement-filled barrel and dumped in a pond.

Everyone believed that it actually happened and pretended to move on from it. But now, his white Pinto car has been found in Alabama creek.

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Kyle Clinkscales Family: Who Are His Parents?

Kyle Clinkscales’s parents believed that his son was dumped in cement.

As of now, both of his parents have already passed away. His father, John Dixon Clinkscales died in 2007 while his mother, Louis Clinkscales was alive until the beginning of 2021.

The most tragic thing about them is that they didn’t get the justice they deserved and their son deserved. They passed away believing that he died because he heard something he shouldn’t have.

Nonetheless, they spent decades thinking that their son would return which he never did.

Kyle Clinkscales Story Unsolved Mysteries; What happened?

Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries third volume tells the story of Kyle Clinkscales.

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The famous Netflix reboot of true crime events has been a hit ever since its inception. The show collects multiple mysterious events from all around the world and presents them from several perspectives.

Kyle Clinkscales was a bartender and an Auburn University student who disappeared back in 1976. His remains were found on Tuesday after Netflix released the docu-series that had several interviews regarding the incident.

The Police found his car, wallet, and ID card in Alabama Creek.


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