Kyle Clinkscales Missing From Lagrange GA, Car Found in 2021 – Complete Timeline

Kyle Clinkscales Missing From Lagrange GA, Car Found in 2021 – Complete Timeline

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Kyle Clinkscales from Lagrange GA was reported missing since 1976.

It seems the student’s mystery who had disappeared 45 years ago is finally solved. Reportedly, Kyle was a student at Auburn University during the time of his disappearance.

Well, he was trying to get back to Alabama University from a Georgia bar but never returned. Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff claims that they have been searching for Kyle and his car for all these years but had failed to do so until December 8, 2021.

Timeline: Kyle Clinkscales Lagrange GA

Kyle Clinkscales was a resident of Lagrange, Georgia. The American guy never returned home after his final ride in 1976.

Reportedly, he was just 22 years of age when he was lost. Apart from being a student, he used to work at Moose Clubas their bartender at that time.

Well, we never heard from the junior student who had left the bar to reach his campus. Even today, the investigation is going on to find Kyle and his vehicle.

In 1981, his father, John Dixon Clinkscales published a book entitled Kyle’s Story: Friday Never Came. Sadly, he passed away in 2007 without knowing the whereabouts of his beloved son.

Furthermore, his mother died recently in 2021. Celebsaga can confirm that Kyle was the single child of his deceased parents.

The sudden disappearance of the pupil deserves a Wikipedia profile. Although there’s no wiki right now, you can learn about his case in various news articles.

Most probably, Kyle was single. Thus, there’s nothing to read about his wife in this artifact.

Kyle Clinkscales Missing Car Found

Kyle Clinkscales’s missing car was found on December 8, 2021. This means that his mystery case has finally been solved.

Reportedly, a man notified the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office regarding a submerged car. Well, the vehicle was located in a creek off of County Road 83.

Moreover, the authorities confirmed human remains inside the car. According to The Sun, Kyle use to drive a Ford Pinto Runabout.

After a proper investigation, the police department found credit cards and identifications belonging to Kyle. Furthermore, other objects also belonged to the same person.

However, the story remains a developing story as the bones found inside the vehicles are sent for an autopsy. Hopefully, the results will be out soon and we will know whether the man inside was Kyle.

Read Clinkscales Obituary Here

Kyle Clinkscales is presumed to be dead. After the recent discovery, it’s very unlikely that he might have survived the incident in 1976.

At the moment, the police department isn’t sure if the case is homicide. Upon further investigation, we will likely find out what happened to the Georgia student.


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