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Kristina Sunshine Jung Age, Wikipedia, Biography: Her Mother And Family Details

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Kristina Sunshine Jung Age, Wikipedia, Biography: Her Mother And Family Details

Kristina Sunshine Jung Age and Wikipedia details have piqued the public’s attention after the demise of her father, George Jung.

Kristina is an American entrepreneur, writer, and poet. And, she is best known for being the daughter of George Jung.

George Jung is also known as Boston George, was an American drug dealer and trafficker. His life story was also portrayed in the biopic; Blow.

However, Kristina is currently saddened by her father’s death. He died on 5th May 2021 at the age of 78, reported TMZ.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Age

Kristina Sunshine Jung’s age is 42 years currently.

She was born in the year 1978, and she celebrates her birth on 1st August every year.

George Jung Daughter: Kristina Mother Explored

Kristina Sunshine was born to her parents George Jung (father) and Mirtha Jung (mother).

Her father, George, was America’s most powerful drug trafficker and dealer. As her mother was also somehow involved in dealing, Kristina’s childhood was different from normal kids.

Moreover, Kristina had a hard relationship with her father because of all his illegal works.

As per George’s Wikipedia, he tried patching things with his daughter, but Kristina could not forgive him and was raised by her mother alone.


Her parents separated when she was 6 years old.

Is She On Wikipedia?

No, unlike her father, Kristina Sunshine Jung is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

However, one can gain a brief insight into her bio through this article.

Though Kristina had a hard time as a child, she made her future right. She now is an independent businesswoman, writer, and poet.

Furthermore, she is married to her husband, Romain Karan, and the couple was blessed with a daughter, Athena Romina.

Unfortunately, her daughter died in an accident in January 2021.

So, it can be said that 2021 has been a hard year for Kristina as she lost 2 beloved members of her family, first her daughter and now her father.

Meet Her On Instagram

Kristina is available on Instagram under the handle @kristina_sunshine_jung.


As she prefers a lowkey lifestyle, her handle is maintained as private.


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