“Kiss and Kill”: Revisit Betty Williams Murder – Where Is John Mack Herring Now?

“Kiss and Kill”: Revisit Betty Williams Murder – Where Is John Mack Herring Now?

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Kiss and Kill Betty Williams was murdered by her ex-boyfriend after she told him to do so.

Betty had counter-cultural views when she attended Odessa High School. Reportedly, she was less popular while her former partner was the opposite.

Well, she used to be engaged in sexual activity with multiple guys with whom she wasn’t in a relationship. Earlier, such an act was considered taboo.

Later, Betty and John became couples but their relationship didn’t last long. After their break-up, she used to ask multiple guys to kill her which was always taken as a joke.

Kiss and Kill: Revisit Betty Williams Murder

Betty Williams’ murder is widely recognized as Kiss and Kill. Reportedly, her case ran in almost all the newspapers all over the world.

Well, she was a teenager whose life was taken by her former lover. However, multiple reports claim that Betty had asked her ex-boyfriend to kill her.

So, netizens are yet confused about the killing of Betty. Most probably, we should consider her case as a homicide.

On March 20, 1961, John accepted to kill her as per her request. Reportedly, they visited a stock tank on his parents’ property.

There, he shot Betty on her head using a shotgun and dismantled her body parts. Two days later, she was reported missing and when Herring was interrogated, he didn’t hesitate to speak the truth to the police officers.

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Eventually, John was tried for murder but got acquitted quickly. According to his lawyers, he had a condition called temporary insanity.

Interestingly, he was tried for murder again which also resulted in acquittal. Even after the event, Herring didn’t lose his social status.

Where Is John Mack Herring Now?

John Mack Herring was the main at Kiss and Kill. Reportedly, he was the ex-boyfriend of the victim, Betty Williams.

Now, the murderer is no more with us. According to CBS7, he passed away on January 5, 2019, at the age of 75 years.

After his graduation, John attended Texas Tech University. Professionally, he worked in several blue-collar jobs.

Talking about his love life, he was married twice which both ended in divorce. It’s surprising to know that he didn’t spend a single second in prison despite killing an individual.

Who Was Betty Williams From Odessa Texas?

Betty Williams was an American schoolgirl from Odessa, Texas. Reportedly, she died as a teenager in 1961.

Well, her story was featured in a television show called A Crime to Remember. Interestingly, her cousin, Shelton Williams had provided help during the making of its episode.

Until 2006, reports were claiming that Betty’s ghost haunted the high school building. Later, the administration painted the school auditorium’s windows to tackle the ghost story culture.

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