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Kirsty Akers The Block 2021- Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend And Wikipedia

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Kirsty Akers The Block 2021- Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend And Wikipedia


Many are curious to know Kirsty Akers. Who is she? Kirsty Akers is a singer and recording artist and a contestant on The Block 2021. 

Kirsty Akers belongs to indigenous heritage as a woman of the Wonnarua people. She has also accepted and shown affection to global musical culture. 

The Block Fans v Faves premiers off on Sunday, August 8th, at 7 pm on Channel Nine. 

Kirsty Akers is the household name of Australian country music. Likewise, she is also an award-winning singer and songwriter. 

Her debut song “Little Things” earned Akers a CMMA (Country Music Association Of Australia) Golden Guitar Award for the Best New Talent in 2008. 

Likewise, Kirsty single released in the 2017 “Wake Me Up When You’re Sober” reached number one on the Country Music Channel charts.

Kirsty Akers Age

Kirsty Akers’s age 33 years old. 

At the age of 33, Akers is also self-sufficient and won many awards. 

Further, Akers also started singing at a very young age of three years old. She made her first EP recording at the age of 16. 

Get To Know Kirsty Akers Boyfriend- Is She Married?

Yes, Kirsty Akers is married to her boyfriend, and his name is Jesse. 

The couple has a separate Instagram account under the username @kirstyandjesse. Their account has 2k fan followers and received a blue tick on their IG account. 

The duo is both taking part in Block 2021, and the winner will win the reward prize of $100,000 dollar. The pair are all set to renovate one of the five houses in the Hampton Court cul de sac with her husband, Jesse. 

According to Homes To Love, “Kirsty and Jesse picked up the renovating bug while they were still teenagers. They gave their first home a facelift and sold it for a profit of $60,000. Since then, they have flipped a total of six properties.”

Further, Jesse, by profession, works as a videographer. As of now, there are records of the couple having any children. 

Kirsty Akers: Wikipedia 

Kirsty Akers’s name is not available on Wikipedia. Despite having an established name in Australia for her music and having done international tours, she has yet to make her name feature in Wikipedia. 

She was brought up in her small hometown at Kurri Kurri, a Town in New South Wales, Australia. 

Akers also lives in between USA and Australia. When she is in the USA, she lives in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. 

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