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Key Glock Biography, Age Cousin & Net Worth: Is Key Glock Dead? Memphis Shooting Video

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Key Glock Biography, Age Cousin & Net Worth: Is Key Glock Dead? Memphis Shooting Video


Key Glock is an American Rapper, and a songwriter whose relative’s news of death is all over the internet. Is He Related To Young Dolph? Know about Memphis shooting video in detail.

Key Glock was born to a criminal mother in Memphis, Tennessee, who left him with his grandmother while he was about to be 2 years old. He grew up following the path of his imprisoned mother and faced three major assaults charges at the age of 18.

Music was the greatest distraction from his life which he thought was not so good. He listed to Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne while growing up. Key, also called Glizock, came into the public’s eyes after his Glock Season in 2017.

He was signed to the Paper Route Empire label in 2017, and that was the beginning of becoming Key Glock from Markeyvius LaShun Cathey. He is the cousin of Young Dolph, and Dolph helped him enter the industry. 

Is Key Glock Dead? Memphis Shooting Video Explained

Key Glock is completely fine, but his cousin Young Dolph has been killed recently. 36 years old Dolph’s family suffered an unexpected loss On November 17, 2021. The incident took place at a cookie shop in Memphis.

The Makeda Butter Cookies shop’s glasses were broken. There was a great gathering of people after the incident, at nearly 12:30 in the afternoon.

The popular American rapper was born on July 27, 1985.  

Key Glock Age: How Old Is He?

Key Glock is 24 years o,d in 2021. He was given the birthname of Markeyvius Cathey. August 3, 1997, happens to be his birth date.

He was 12 years younger than the demised Young Dolph. His official music career began at the age of 20.

Key Glock was highly known as the cousin of Ameican Rapper Young Dolph was killed on November 17, 2021. It has not been more, and the case is still under investigation.

Both the cousin brothers had co-released their album “Dum ad Drummer” in 2019. It was the same year when he was arrested with a gun and marijuana. 

The entire family, along with Key, is in deep trauma after the incident. Key even dismissed his social media accounts. 

Key Glock Net Worth Explored

Key Glock’s net worth is expected to be around $1-USD 3 million. His primary source of income is his rapping career. 

The rapper from Los Angeles, California, stands at 5 feet and 8 inches tall height. Key likes to spend his holidays in Dubai, Hongkong.

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