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Kerry Vance Marriage With Jonathan Vance – Do They Have Any Children?

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Kerry Vance Marriage With Jonathan Vance – Do They Have Any Children?


Kerry Vance’s marriage was going well until General Jonathan Vance was charged with the sexual misconduct allegation. Get to know her children and family details right here.  

Kerry Vance is popularly known as a celebrity spouse. Her husband, Jonathan Vance is a retired Canadian Forces officer. He served as a general for decades in the Canadian army.

Moreover, Kerry was a former Colonel of the US army. As per the source, she has worked for more than 25 years. After her retirement, she began a new business in Canada called Met (Military Employment Transition).

Nevertheless, Kerry was honored with medals and awarded during her military career due to her dedication and loyalty at work.

Kerry Vance: Cheating Rumors On Marriage

There is a rumor on the web that Jonathan Vance has been cheating on his wife Kerry with the subordinate Kellie Brennan.

According to National Post, Kerry was a US officer. Jonathan first met Kerry at a NATO post in Italy.

Furthermore, Kerry established ‘Together We Stand Foundation’. It is a charity foundation designed to honor, recognize and thank families of Canadian military members away from home during the holidays.

We can see Kerry’s message on her charity organization’s Facebook page. It has nearly 14k followers on this platform.

Kellie Charged Sexual Misconduct To General Jonathan

Jonathan has been charged with sexual misconduct by subordinate Kellie Brennan.


As per the records, Kellie and Jonathan Vance have been in an intimate relationship since 2001. People are throwing negative comments at the former General Jonathan.

Kellie also claimed that Vance is the father of her two children, yet he hasn’t provided any help or support to raise them.

Kerry Vance Children And Family Details

Kerry is the mother of four children named Olivia, Nora, Max, Julia, and Mara.

The strong and independent woman Kerry has equally balanced her career and family impressively.

We can’t deny the fact that Kerry has supported her husband no matter what the situation is. Overall, she is a loyal and selfless woman who deserves huge respect for her work.

Who Is Richer? Kerry Or Jonathan Vance Net Worth Uncovered

Kerry’s actual net worth is under review now. Surely, she has earned enough income from her business.

However, her husband Jonathan’s yearly income is estimated to be around $226,209 per source.

Regarding his age, Kerry’s actual age and date of birth are out of reach as of right now. Likewise, she has no name or bio on Wikipedia.


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