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Kellie Gerardi Biography, Wikipedia, Husband, Age And Net Worth Revealed

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Kellie Gerardi Biography, Wikipedia, Husband, Age And Net Worth Revealed


Kellie Gerardi and his husband Steven Baumruk were wedded in a space-themed ceremony in 2015. Find more about them here.

Kellie Gerardi is an aerospace and defense from America. Additionally, she is also a popular science communicator and technology professional.

Virgin Galactic will launch Kellie Gerardi, she has gained global recognition with books and TikTok videos, to space as a payload professional on an upcoming mission.

The suborbital spaceflight on a Virgin Galactic space plane will send Gerardi on a staunch exploration flight to test new technologies related to human health amid other trials.

She is a researcher at the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS). And, IIAS will collaborate with Virgin Galactic along with “academic and government partners” to plan the flight and onboard research projects.

Kellie is also known as the director of The Explores Club and works for the Truman National Security as a Defense Council.


Kellie Gerardi Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Kellie Gerardi is married to Steven Baumruk. Her husband, Steven used to work at an Aerospace focused advisory firm as a Managing Director.

In 2015, Kellie and Steven’s marriage was officially announced by American astronaut Michael López-Alegría in a space-themed ceremony in Woodstock, Vermont.

This beautiful pair is blessed with a cute daughter, Delta V. Her name is a reference to delta-v in spacecraft flight dynamics.

As a family, all of them live in Jupiter, Florida.

Kellie is seen uploading their pictures on her Instagram and other social media handles.


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Kellie Gerardi Wikipedia

Kellie Gerardi’s bio has been featured on the Wikipedia page.

She is an aerospace and defense, popular science communicator, and technology professional. In addition, her occupation is Space Industry Professional.

Any time soon, she will be boarding a flight on space with Virgin Galactic Unity. And, as per her, she has paid $600 thousand for the flight.

The exact timing and date when the flights will go are yet to be revealed.

Find Kellie Gerardi Age And TikTok

Kellie Gerardi age is currently 32 years old.

She was born on February 16, 1989, in Jupiter, Florida.

And, she is dynamic on TikTok as @kelliegerardi. Up to now, she has 528.5k adherents and 7.5M likes in total.

As seen, she likes to upload inspiring posts on TikTok and also shares her experience.


##duet with @kelliegerardi The ##Unity22 livestream starts 7/11 at 9ET! @virgingalactic

♬ original sound – Glitterandlazers


Know Kellie Gerardi Net Worth

Gerardi hasn’t disclosed her actual net worth publicly.

She has been engaged in the space industry profession for a long period. And, is also serving in scientific field study and exploration.

So by looking at it, she is earning a decent amount from her job. Hence, we assume she has collected an impressive net worth of millions.


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