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Katy Fawcett – Where Is Adam Rickitt Wife Now?

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Katy Fawcett – Where Is Adam Rickitt Wife Now?

Katy Fawcett – Where Is Adam Rickitt Wife Now?

What Is Katy Fawcett Age? Fawcett joined ITV’s prestigious apprenticeship scheme after completing her studies. 

Katy Fawcett is a TV presenter and journalist who works as a news correspondent in Good Morning Britain. Fawcett joined Good Morning Britan in 2012 as a bureau chief, and she covered a wide range of news and stories.

Fawcett has appeared in many TV shows such as The Big Reunion, Lorraine, and This Morning. Fawcett is the wife of the British actor, model, and musician, Adam Rickitt. He appeared in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. 

How Old Is Katy Fawcett?

Katy Fawcett’s age might be in the late 30s.

Katy Fawcett’s husband, Adam Rickitt is 43 years old. He was born on May 29, 1978, in Crewe, England, United Kingdom.

Rickitt’s album, Good Times, was released on October 18, 1999. He has appeared in several movies and TV shows such as Doctors, Hollyoaks, Shortland Street, Judge John Deed, and many more.



Katy Fawcett and Adam Rickitt were engaged for two years before they got married in 2014 just before Christmas. Soon after, they set off to Thailand for their honeymoon.

According to Daily Mail, Fawcett and Rickitt cannot have any children because Adam suffers from an autoimmune disorder that has left him infertile. He suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), a condition that can decrease fertility.

Is Katy Fawcett On Wikipedia?

Katy Fawcett is not on Wikipedia.

Now, Katy Fawcett is working as a news correspondent for Good Morning Britan.

Katy later joined ITV’s regional news and worked as a leading presenter and correspondent. She has traveled to numerous countries such as Cyprus, Malta, and Romania, for work. 

Katy Fawcett might make a hefty salary given her position in the industry. The details about Fawcett’s net worth are currently private.

Fawcett currently lives in Cheshire with her husband and family.

Meet Adam Rickitt’s Wife On Twitter

Katy Fawcett is active on Twitter under the username @KatyRickittITV.

Fawcett has more than 18.6k followers and 9.6k tweets as of July 2021. She joined the social media platform in November 2010. Katy’s Twitter bio says she is a news correspondent for Good Morning Britan and she is the lovely wife to Adam Rickitt. 



Katy Fawcett frequently tweets about her work and the people she is reporting about. Now her name is Katy Rickitt on Twitter, as she went by the name Katy Fawcett prior to the wedding.


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