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Kathryn Pringle Biography, Wikipedia – Meet Jaco Van Gass Girlfriend or Partner

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Kathryn Pringle Biography, Wikipedia – Meet Jaco Van Gass Girlfriend or Partner


Who is Kathryn Pringle? Meet Jaco Van Gass Girlfriend or Partner

Kathryn Pringle is the famous girlfriend of Jaco Van Gass. We have all you need to know about her.

Kathryn Pringle is well known to us due to her connection to the famous Para swimmer Jaco Van Gass.

Jaco Van is a two-time medalist of the Paralympics. He won the gold medal in men’s C3 3000m individual pursuit with his record-breaking achievements.

Jaco Van is a former British Army Paratrooper. He lost his lower left arm during his deployment to Afghanistan. He was hit by an RPG during the Afghan war in 2009 ad suffered several other injuries.

Know more about Kathryn Pringle

Kathryn is a personal blogger and fitness advocate. She blogs about her lifestyle, fitness, and travel stories for her readers. 

She is an enthusiastic traveler who has traveled through UK, South Africa, Italy, Srilanka, and many more.

She has been motivating her fans and readers to stay fit and healthy through her blogs and social media accounts.

Being a passionate fitness model, Kathryn is also quite an athlete and likes to cycle for a social cause. She is often seen cycling with her boyfriend.

While we go through her social media posts, we can definitely say that Kathryn is a very supportive girlfriend. She supports her boyfriend in her career endeavors and also matches his traveling and adventurous attitude. 

She has garnered 14.5K followers on her Instagram, where she posts stuff related to her hobbies, which include fitness, travel, and cycling. 

Follow her on her social media,

Instagram: @kathrynpringle

Twitter: @kathryn_pringle

Pinterest: @kathrynpringle

Personal Blog: Kathryn Pringle

Kathryn Pringle is Jaco Van Gass Girlfriend 

Kathryn is the girlfriend of Jaco van Gass. The news of them sharing romantic feelings for each other is not new to us.

Kathryn and Jaco make such a cute couple. We can see glimpses of their passionate partnership through their Instagram posts.

While Jaco Van Gass is at the age of 35, the exact age of Kathryn is not known. But looking at her energetic self, we assume her to be in her early 30s or late 20s.

However, they both share the same birth month. Kathryn was born on August 6th, whereas Jaco Van on 20th August. 

They also share their interest in adventures and sports. We can see them going to places together and cycling together. 

Is Jaco Van Gass Married? Girlfriend or Life Partner?

Kathryn Pringle is not married yet. She has been dating her Paralympian boyfriend Jaco Van Gass.

They have been dating for a long time now, which makes fans wonder whether they have married secretly or not.

If they have not married in secret, then we hope they soon get married. 

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