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Junia Joplin Was Fired From The Baptist Church From Coming Out As Transgender- Look At Her Before And After Pictures

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Junia Joplin Was Fired From The Baptist Church From Coming Out As Transgender- Look At Her Before And After Pictures


Junia Joplin Before As Justin Joplin – Wife Spouse & Age Wikipedia

Junia Joplin was before Justin Joplin when she came out as a trans woman in a sermon. Find more about her wife or spouse.

Joplin is a Pastor at the Lorne Park Baptist Church in Mississauga, Ontario. She is also an Associate Pastor at The Metropolitan Church of Toronto.

When the Rev Joplin told her Baptist congregation in a sermon she is a transgender woman, it cost her the job. She was fired from the church who has been their pastor for six years.

Junia Joplin Before As Justin Joplin: Is She Transgender?

Junia Joplin was known before as Justin Joplin when she came out as trans. Joplin came out as transgender during a live-streamed sermon last summer.

Rev. Joplin was presented as male when she first took the job of lead pastor at Lorne Park Baptist Church in 2014. She continued to do so until she came out to the congregation in June of last year.

Coming out as trans, she was fired from a Baptist church and has been filed a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal, alleging her termination was propelled by discrimination.

Her sexuality was questioned and eventually, the Mississauga, Ontario church unilaterally suspended her from her duties with no signs of returning.

You can study the lawsuit that was filed for Junia Joplin on CBC.

Everything On Her Wife Or Spouse

Junia Joplin is happily married to her spouse. She has two children – both sons. Her family is quite supportive of her despite coming out as transgender.

Joplin began coming out as a transgender first to her spouse in 2018 and then to her few close friends.

A year later, she confronted her siblings and also earlier this year, her two sons.

Junia Joplin Age Revealed

Junia Joplin is 42 years of age pastor at Lorne Park Baptist Church.

She has also revealed that she wanted to be a pastor at the age of 11, which is quite surprising, isn’t it?

In fact, she gave her first sermon before she turned 13. Later, she studied at a Baptist seminary in Richmond, Va.

Throughout the time, she has served six years of her tenure as the pastor in Mississauga, Ontario. We can find pictures of her on Twitter.

Junia Joplin Wikipedia Explored

Junia Joplin Wikipedia is off the radar.

However, her story of being fired has been subjected to several news portals. Different media has covered fr her lawsuit against the church.

Joplin also believes that the lawsuit will help make Canada a more inclusive and safer place for trans people.

Moreover, she grew up in rural North Carolina with her parents, two sisters, and a brother. Further details regarding her family are still under investigation.

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