Julia Ostan Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age and Instagram: Who Is The Viral Girl With Different Eye Color?

Julia Ostan Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age and Instagram: Who Is The Viral Girl With Different Eye Color?


Who is The Viral Girl With Different Eye Color? Julia Ostan is a dual-eye-colored model, a stunning girl. Currently, she is trending all over social platforms for her sunning looks with blue and brown eyes. A quick update about her.

Julia Gwyanyth Ostan, prominently popular as Julia Ostan is a model, currently viral on Twitter Scandalized MMS leak on Social handle.

A video that got viral all over is a clip of her interview on GMA TV with Journalist “Jessica Soho”.

However, the model is appreciated for her look with the beautiful eye as she has totally different color of the eye.

Who Is The Viral Girl With Eye Color? Let’s Explore Julia Ostan Details

The viral girl with different eye color is Julia Ostan, and her detail information has been revealed currently.

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Julia Ostan is a stunning Nigerian girl or we can call her model as well with Kaleidoscopic eyes.

However, the point that need to be discuss is her eye that many people are crazy to know the fact about it.

The stunning model eyes seems to be a mixture of blue and brown. Though her video as well as photo got viral all over internet this time.

And, after the picture went viral, the photographer returned to the Mile 12 market inorder to share peace with an utterly free of cost photoshoot.

Julia Ostan photos were taken by a female photographer,her name is Abimbola. Therefore, all the Nigerians have been amazed by her  beautiful photo since the photos surfaced on the internet.

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Thats why they shared her photo on social handle.

As per the recent sources, Julia Ostan is a dual-colored stunning girl who has won numerous social media users heart so far.

Julia Ostan Age: How Old Is She?

As of 2021, Julia Ostan age might be 17 years of old. Though her accurate age has not been revealed yet to the public.

According to her age, her birthday year is 2004, but her date of birth and birth related any of her details are still missing publicly.

However, she is a Nigerian citizen with Nigerian citizenship.

The rising model Julia Ostan is currently gaining fame with a charming look that no one can resist easily.

Infact, when she was on her schooling days, her friends and her relatives members used to made fun of her eye color.

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And, she was also termed as alian for because of her eye color. For that, she always wants to have regular eye color like everyone else have.

Meet Her On Instagram

Julia Ostan is yet to have her own Instagram account. Though there are several account in her name but it is not confirmed that is her official Instagram account. We found user name @julia21474 where there is her photo post as well.

She is a rising model currently viral on Twitter and other social media handles.

Her dual eye color is what has made her viral at the moment.

Reside in Negeria, she is a student as STI West Negros University. However, her video got 1 Million views so far.

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