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Judges On The Voice cannot Believe Sofia Watt Is Just Fifteen- Everything To Know About Her

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Judges On The Voice cannot Believe Sofia Watt Is Just Fifteen- Everything To Know About Her


The Voice: Sofia Watt Age Wiki Parents – Biography and Instagram

Sofia Watt, whose age is just 16 years, has become a sensation after participating in The Voice. The judges could not even believe that she was just fifteen then. 

Sofia Watt is one of the contestants on The Voice Australia who also sings with her band, which is named Sonatay.

How Old is Sofia Watt? The Singer Age Revealed

Sofia Watt’s age is just 16 years old as of 2021.

The Voice contestant Watt was born in the year 2005, but she has not revealed when she celebrates her birthday every year.

Her hometown or birthplace has not been mentioned until now by the young singer, but it is known that she was born to a singing household.

The young singer, Sofia, has been attending high school at Georgiana Molly Anglican School.

She had also participated in the Triple J Unearthed High competition before participating in The Voice.

Sofia also has a lot of experience in live shows as she used to sing at festivals and local bars around Busselton.

Sofia Watt Wiki Explored Does She Have An Instagram Account?

Watt does not have her Wiki on the official site of Wikipedia.

However, after gaining fame from the stage of The Voice Australia, her bio has been included by several websites on the internet.

Her fans and supporters would like to see her on Instagram, but unfortunately, she does not have an Instagram account.

The young singer has a three-track album, and the album is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

It seems like she does not want to share her personal life on social media, or maybe it is because she is just 15 years old.

Moreover, Sofia also does not have a Twitter account, but that does not mean that she is entirely away from social media.

The young singer is available on Facebook as @Sofia, and she also posts clips of her singing on TikTok.

Also, she has a YouTube channel with only one video and more than 50 subscribers. 

Who Are Sofia Watt Parents?

Sofia was born to Australian parents.

Her mother’s name is known to be Brownyn, but she has not revealed the name of her father anywhere on the internet until now.

According to Sofia, her mother is also a talented singer, and she says that Brownyn is the biggest inspiration in her singing career.

Sofia lives in Dunsborough, which is a coastal city in Australia, and she started singing before she could even speak properly.

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