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Jonel Nuezca Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Children, Age and Family – Case Decision

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Jonel Nuezca Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Children, Age and Family – Case Decision


Jonel Nuezca Age Birthday, Wife And Family – Case Decision

Jonel Nuezca is a Philippine Police officer charged guilty of killing his neighbors. Read to find out the Killer cop age.

Jonel Nuezca is a former Senior Master Sergeant of the Philippine National Police. He was charged with the two murders in December 2020.

The conviction came out eight months later on 26th August of 2021. He was recently found guilty of the murder of Sonia Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregorio.

What is Jonel Nuezca’s age? His Birthday

Jonel Nuezca is at the age of 47 years old when he is sentenced to 40 years of a life sentence. His actual birthdate is yet to be made public.

Sonia Gregorio, the victim of an ex-cop was 52 years old at the time of her death. She gave birth to her son, Frank Anthony in 1995. Her son was also killed at the very young age of 25 years.

In addition to the two murders, Jonel was also previously charged with homicide in 2019 and serious neglect of duty in 2016.

His daughter was born in 2007. She was just three years old when the family started experiencing tensions in their household.

Jonel was suspended in 2010 as a Police officer for 10 days. Three years later, he was again charged for misconduct during his duty in 2013. And a year later he was also accused of extortion. The series of continued events show makes people criticize his integrity and question the department’s negligence.

Meet Jonel Nuezca’s family and his Wife

Leilanie Aquino Nuezca is the wife of Jonel Nuezca. The couple has a daughter named Elisha Aquino Nuezca.

His wife and daughter both were present at the crime scene. They both saw Jonel taking a gun to shot the two innocent residents of Purok.

In the video, we can see that Elisha takes her father’s side and speaks against the victims. She seems to be pretty proud of her father for being a policeman.

After the killing, both father and daughter are seen to be walking away nonchalantly. Her daughter was just 13 years old.

In terms of Police-killings, the Philippines ranks third in the world. This shows the extent of liberty security of the country feels to hunt down their own countrymen.

A creative case decision was written down for Jonel Nuezca case

The Tarlac court decision came out on August 26, 2021, which charges Jonel Nuezca with the two murders. He was sentenced with “Reclusion Perpetua” or with a double life sentence of 40 years.

The court furthermore ordered Jonel to compensate for the loss of both the victims with $9,523 each.

The case ruling was written in quite an artistic way which makes readers wonder whether it was a scene from a movie.

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