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Jon Ferry From TikTok Has A Skull Collection And People Are Finding It Creepy

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Jon Ferry From TikTok Has A Skull Collection And People Are Finding It Creepy


Who Is Jon Ferry aka Jonsbones Tiktok? Age Instagram & Skull Collection

The internet keeps amazing us with weird and creepy videos. Jonsbons, aka John Ferry’s TikTok account, has a collection of real skulls.

John Ferry is a renowned TikTok star. He is also the CEO and founder of Jonsbones Inc., a major osteological supply company based in New York City. 

Moreover, he grabbed the netizens’ attention when he first uploaded the video of human skulls in February 2020. Since then, he has accumulated 456.8k followers and 21.3 million likes as of August 2021.

What do you think while looking at his videos? Why bones are traded in New York City? For what purpose is it used? All questions are answered below.

We have the details on the internet sensation Jonsbons’s age and career here.

John Ferry, better known as @jonsbones has a separate fan following. Though his videos are weird and creepy, he has huge admirers on this outlet.

His fans are now noticing and raising questions in the comments on TikTok. You can check out his videos on his official account @Jonsbones.

As per Daily Dot, the human skulls and spines are traded for education and understanding purposes.

The human bones and ribs are purchased for about $20, and whole human skeletons can be purchased for around $6,350.

Jonsbones aka John Ferry Current Age Is 21 years Now

Jonsbones’s current age is 21 years as of 2021 as he was born on the 19 of February in 2000.

According to Famous Birthday, Jonsbones joined Parsons School of Design and became a product designer later on.

His followers usually asked him if he is a grave robber. Is it legal to purchase and sell human bones? Yes, it is legal. All of his collection of skulls and skeletons are supplied to Europe and the U.S. 

Furthermore, Jonsbones’s real name is John Ferry. In contrast, he has pretty long hair and a charming face when he smiles. 

Besides that, Jonbones has no Wikipedia page despite his popularity. However, we can get to know him a little with this short wiki-style article.

Meet Jonsbones On Instagram

Jonsbones aka John has an Instagram page under the name @jon_pichaya. It has amassed 22.4k followers so far. 

As per his IG page, he is a cat lover. Well, he has two gorgeous cats.

Talking about his relationship status, John might have a girlfriend. He has shared a picture with a girl on IG with love emojis on July 18. 

Speaking about his income, Jonsbones’s current net worth is yet to reveal on the web. As per our knowledge, his earning is estimated to be around $1 million. 

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