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John Reinke Obituary, Cause Of Death, Accident and Net Worth: How Did John Reinke Lose His Legs?

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John Reinke Obituary, Cause Of Death, Accident and Net Worth: How Did John Reinke Lose His Legs?


How Did John Reinke Lose His Legs? Here is everything you need to know about the man who is popular for the show Tiger King 2 and the terrible bungee story. 

John Reinke is an American man, an occasional actor, and a zookeeper who is popular for his involvement in the docuseries Tiger King and his sad accident story.

A lot of things happened to him, including physical difficulties and work pressure, but he got over all those things and still has a good working life and a partner now.

After seeing him on the show recently, people are getting a lot curious about his history and every other detail that they can get.

Precisely, concerns regarding him losing his legs, the cause of the accident, him being alive or dead, and similar relevant matters ar at their peak on the web and are rising even rapidly.

How Did John Reinke Lose His Legs? Death Cause Accident

John Reinke was about 28 years old, which is just a decade after graduating his high school when he went on a bungee adventure.

Actually, he was working as a bungee jumper in his friend’s company and was helping him to test the ziplines.

During that, an unfortunate incident happened where the pulley did not work and John fell down from a height of 50 feet.

That incident broke his hip, back, and destroyed his legs. He was paralyzed for years and he was finally able to move on a wheelchair.

However, he decided to not use a wheelchair and started walking that led to a terrible bone infection. That act made his legs useless, and they had to be amputated, which is how he lost his legs.

While many people are asking questions about his death, we would like to inform you that no such thing has ever happened, and he is living and healthy right now.

He has an artificial working leg attacked and he walks with the help of that, as we can see in different pictures of him on his social handles.

John Reinke Net Worth Revealed

John Reinke is not a man who has a very high or impressive net worth because he is not an active actor or any specifically running business personnel.

Well, to make things clear, he is a part-time zoo worker, auto mechanic, yard mower, so we cannot estimate his net worth that easily.

Also, you might think that he was in a TV series so he might have earned some money, but this is not the case because he was not paid a single penny for his appearance.

John Reinke Update 2021

After his amputation, he worked in a zoo for years. Then, the zoo owner was arrested and sent t prison for his involvement in a murder, and eventually John got out of there.

Talking about now, as mentioned earlier, he mows people’s lawns, is an auto mechanic, and also works part-time in zoos.

Not just that, he is a married man and has a partner Brandi and he lives together with his partner.


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