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Jobe London Death Hoax – Dead Or Alive? Does He Have Cancer?

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Jobe London Death Hoax – Dead Or Alive? Does He Have Cancer?


Jobe London Death Hoax – Dead Or Alive? Does He Have Cancer?

Jobe London death rumors are swirling after an illness reveal. Find out if the musician is dead or alive following his sickness.

Jobe London is a musical artist from South Africa. The singer rose to fame in the year 2019 and is widely recognized for his song Sukendleleni.

London is an Amapiano artist, the musical style is very popular in Africa since 2012. The genre is a hybrid of deep house, jazz, and lounge music.

Some other hit songs of his are Insane, and Udlala Ngam. Recently, Jobe London’s death hoax is taking over social media. Is he dead or alive?

Jobe London Death Hoax – Is He Dead Or Alive?

Amapiano artist Jobe London’s death hoax is all over the internet. But there hasn’t been any evidence about his death yet.

His last Instagram post was made on August 8, 2021. At the same time, no official news website has published about his demise.

Jobe recently lost his good friend Killer Kau. He attended his funeral which led to a video of him trending on social media.

As of now, the musical artist is being bullied and body shamed for his weight loss.

Does Jobe London Have Cancer?

Jobe London is suffering from cancer. Also has lost weight in recent days.

London himself went live to share the news about his health. He has been going through very difficult times lately.

Before the revelation, many fans speculated him to be HIV positive. While many Cyberbullies even disgusted his name.

However, the artist never actually blamed such people. He has always remained grateful to all his supporters.

Jobe London’s cancer news has come as a shocker for everyone. We hope he finds healing and strength on his recovery journey.

Jobe London Sick Pictures Goes Viral – Illness Explained

As of lately, Jobe London’s weight loss pictures have gone viral.

After visibly losing body mass, many believed him to be sick. However, the sickness hoax turns out to be true as he recently made the revelation.

There is also a video that is currently making rounds on social media. There he can be seen walking off the stage and lethargic.

Many people went on to make a different story about the celebrity. Some even bullied him on social media and claimed it was a publicity stunt.

However, the amapiano artist is actually sick, and such nonsensical rumors must be stopped.

Jobe London Age & Girlfriend

Musical artist and dancer Jobe London’s age is not known. However, the singer is still very young. He is probably in his thirties.

London has not revealed anything about his girlfriend. The amapiano singer is probably single at the moment.

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