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Jesse Kline AKA Maserati Mike Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net worth: Meet Kyle Rittenhouse Protestor – Is He Arrested?

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Jesse Kline AKA Maserati Mike Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net worth: Meet Kyle Rittenhouse Protestor – Is He Arrested?
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Who is Jesse Kline? This article covers everything that we know about the Kyle Rittenhouse protestor. 

Jesse Kline is the man who demonstrated outside of the courthouse in Kenosha with an assault rifle.

Although Wisconsin is an open-carry state, Kenosha County sheriff’s deputies did warn him. They told him he couldn’t possess the weapon as he was within one thousand feet of a school and didn’t have permission.

A fine of $1,000 is for someone violating the law, but a sheriff’s deputy informed that Jesse put the gun away, resolving the issue without any incident.

Who Is Jesse Kline, AKA Maserati Mike? Is He Arrested

Jesse Kline is the Kyle Rittenhouse protestor who called himself Maserati Mike is a former Ferguson police officer.

A Twitter user, @thatdaneshguy, revealed his identity. After that, the Chicago Tribune confirmed it and said that the department fired him over charges of stalking and threatening a couple that dropped later.

He showed outside of the courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with an AR-15 while the jury tried to give an unbiased verdict in the murder trial.

Kline also faces criticism for screaming obscenities on the Black Lives Matter Movement and carrying a weapon similar to the Rittenhouse. He demonstrated while waiting for the jury’s verdict in the homicide trial.

As for his age, it’s 33. He lives in Arizona but traveled to support the defendant facing five felony charges for shooting three people while killing two during unrest in Kenosha on 25 August 2020. 

As a member of the Patrol K-9 Division, Jesse joined the Ferguson Police Department in November 2015. More than a year after Michael Brown’s fatal police shooting. Darren Wilson, a White police officer, shot and killed a black teenager. The killer didn’t face criminal charges in the incident, sparking protests and unrest.

The department fired him in August 2018 after his alleged stalking of a woman with whom he was previously in a romantic relationship to another man’s house. He then threatened the man with his gun. As a result, he got arrested and faced charges of suspicion of stalking, unlawful use of a weapon, and assault.

But, in January 2020, the ex-girlfriend and her male companion refused to testify, causing the charges to drop.

Jesse currently works as an investor. However, the specific details on the subject remain unknown. That is also true for his wife and family. He hasn’t disclosed anything about them.

Jesse Kline Instagram

Jesse Kline doesn’t seem to use the social media platform Instagram.

He either doesn’t use the services at all or use it with a different alias. We were unable to identify his official account.

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