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Jess Phillips Biography, Wikipedia, MP Husband Tom Phillips & Children: Facts To Know About her Weight Loss

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Jess Phillips Biography, Wikipedia, MP Husband Tom Phillips & Children: Facts To Know About her Weight Loss


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Jess Phillips became the talk of the country due to a three-stone weight loss in the lockdown earlier this year. Get to know about her healthy habits here below!

Jess Phillips is a British politician. She is currently serving as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Birmingham Yardley since 2015.

She is also a member of the Labour Party.

Phillips was appointed to the position of Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding in Keir Starmer’s Opposition frontbench in 2020.

Jess Phillips Weight Loss Journey Explored

Jess Phillips had a significant transformation in early 2021 when she presented the public with her weight loss.

She had lost a whopping three stone (19 kgs) during her homestay in the Covid-19 lockdown.

Phillips showed the world that she was different from the rest of the others while others were gaining weight due to unhealthy weight gained by many people.

The MP was on a strict 1,000 calories diet a day in the week, but ,she did drink and eat bread at the weekend.

She spoke with The Times UK regarding her journey while she also spoke on her political career.

Meet MP Jess Phillips Husband or Partner: Is She Married?

Jess Phillips, also known as MP Phillips, is married to her husband, Tom Phillips.

She had employed her husband as constituency support manager until February 2019.

Her beau Tom worked as a lift engineer previously. Likewise, Tom’s cousin is the former professional footballer Kevin Phillips.

The couple resides in Moseley alongside their family.

Who Are Jess Phillips Children? Meet The Phillips Family

Jess Phillips is a mother to her two children, who were born from her marriage to Tom.

The Phillips family includes the Phillips couple and their two sons.

In an Instagram post, MP Phillips revealed that she suffered from sepsis after giving birth to her son Danny, who was 10lb 10 oz at the time of his delivery.

The MP is quite a family woman as she is often seen enjoying her off-days with her sons and extended family.

Likewise, her family before marriage includes her parents, Stewart Trainor and Jean Trainor.

She was born as the youngest of four children of the Trainor couple.

Her parents were politically active, which promoted Jess to take up politics later in life.


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