Jane Mahoney Biography, Parents, Nationality, Wikipedia, And Net Worth: Everything About Jimmy Barnes Wife

Jane Mahoney Biography, Parents, Nationality, Wikipedia, And Net Worth: Everything About Jimmy Barnes Wife


Jane was born to her parents, Kusumphorn Visuthipol and Suvit Dejakasaya, who were married until Jane was four years old. Let’s learn more about her.

Jane Mahoney is the wife of Jimmy Barnes, a well-known Scottish-Australian singer, composer, and musician. Let’s find out more about her.

They met in 1979 in Canberra, and Mahoney quickly became his girlfriend and moved in with him.

Jimmy Barnes is the lead vocalist for Cold Chisel, Australia’s best-selling rock band.

Jane Mahoney Parents & Nationality

Jane Mahoney is a Thai national. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1958 and is around 63 years old.

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Jane grew reared in an extended family, and the comprehensive family concept is fundamental to her.

She grew up surrounded by aunties and uncles’ affection, cousins’ laughing, siblings’ joy, and the perfume of chile, lemongrass, and galangal wafting from a dozen Thai kitchens.

Jane misses sitting by the fire at another Southern Highlands home during those years, reminiscing.

Her grandmother was one of seven wives, and her mother was 26 children. As a result, there were constantly other kids to play with.

Her grandfather was a wealthy businessman who had relocated from China to Thailand before the communist revolution.

Jane Mahoney Age & Wikipedia

Jane Mahoney’s age is about 63 years as of 2021. 

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Jane Barnes is not listed on Wikipedia despite being the wife of a public figure. Her husband’s official wiki-bio does, however, mention her.

Jane and her husband began making lockdown movies in which they sang together and then posted them to social media. The couple’s undeniable chemistry drew a lot of attention in the videos.

As a result, they were ideal for Australia Love Stories displays. Through some gorgeous photographs, the gallery celebrated their 40-year marriage.

Jane Mahoney Husband

Jane Mahoney is best known for being the wife of Jimmy Barnes, a musician. Jane is a multi-talented woman who values her family above all else.

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In 1997, Jane Mahoney met Jimmy Barnes. After a short time together, the couple began dating and moved in.

After that, on May 22, 1981, the pair married and have been together ever since. Their four children are Mahalia Barnes, Eliza-Jane Barnes, Elly-May Barnes, and Jackie Barnes.

From a prior relationship with Kim Campbell, Jimmy has a son named David Campbell.

Jane Mahoney Net Worth

Jane Mahoney’s net worth is currently unknown.

On the other hand, Jimmy Barnes is projected to have a net worth of roughly $20 million.

Jimmy’s revenue comes from his successful singing career and his best-selling books.

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