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James Gargasoulas Brother Mother, Family Nationality & Prison Sentence -Melbourne Car Attack

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James Gargasoulas Brother Mother, Family Nationality & Prison Sentence -Melbourne Car Attack


James Gargasoulas was only 26 years old when he drove over multiple pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia, in January of 2017.

James Gargasoulas is the man behind the 20th January attack that rattled Australia to its core.

Upon investigation, it got found that he was an avid drug user with a history of mental health problems.

Gargasoulas warned people of his attack days before when he posted cryptic messages about god and religion on Facebook.

Indeed, he is no stranger to law enforcement as he got invited in cour cases since 2013. 

Moreover, his beliefs took a tragic turn when he decided to go off the rails and strike multiple people resulting in their death.

Who Is James Gargasoulas? Man Behind The Melbourne Car Attack

James Gargasoulas is a 30-year-old man behind the 2017 car attack. According to our calculations, he was born in 1991.

As per the footage acquired by the police, he got seen driving erratically in Melbourne. He was not mentally stable.

Two students studying in year 12 took matters into their own hands and tried to stop him from using a baseball bat but remained unsuccessful.

James accelerated towards Bourke Street Mall, where he struck more than 20 people.

Soon the Victoria Police Team arrived and struck the vehicle multiple times to stop it. 

Finally, the car stopped at 55 Bourke Street due to a mechanical failure.

“Would you ever kill someone…if you needed to?” James Gargasoulas said he would, long before he did. #4Corners #TimeBomb @Milliganreports @jeanavivem @lucethoughts@abcmelbourne @abcnews @abctv

— Four Corners (@4corners) June 9, 2019

What Is James Gargasoulas’s Prison Sentence? Where Is He Now?

James Gargasoulas did indeed get the repercussions of his crimes. He got sentenced to life in prison. 

Over 300 witnesses testified against him in court. He eventually got charged with five counts of murder.

After his lawyer claimed that he was not mentally equipped to attend the trial, the court hearing moved to 12 months.

In December, he pleaded not guilty to the charges igniting a second trial.

In October 2018, he got diagnosed with schizophrenia, finally getting convicted the next month. 

*BREAKING*: Bourke St killer James Gargasoulas has received six life sentences (for each of the lives he took) and will spend 46 years in jail before being eligible for parole.

He also injured 27 others, How does it take 2 years to find this man guilty?

— YNOT (@CoLeCtiNgHeAdS) February 22, 2019

Who Is The Mother And Brother Of James Gargasoulas? Family Revealed

James Gargasoulas is the son of Australian parents. Although his father was still sympathetic towards his son, his mother wished him to rot in hell.

According to Wikipedia, he stole a Holden Commodore from his mother’s partner. Later, the owner of the vehicle revealed that James was unstable during the night he stole it.

He broke into their house and burned pages of a bible, throwing it on his face. The man was on drugs and attacked both the owner and his brother.

The brother got seriously injured as he got stabbed on the head and knife.

He even went as fast as to hold his girlfriend hostage to escape the scene.

BREAKING: James Gargasoulas sentenced to life behind bars for every count of murder. Non-parole period of 46 years. @9NewsMelb

— Eliza Rugg (@Eliza_Rugg9) February 22, 2019

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