James Franco And Isabel Pakzad Split Rumor Amid Allegations That He Slept With Students And Abused Them

James Franco And Isabel Pakzad Split Rumor Amid Allegations That He Slept With Students And Abused Them


James Franco And Isabel Pakzad Split: His Ex Girlfriend, Accusers And Allegations

Has The Spiderman fame James Franco and his girlfriend Isabel Pakzad split? Let’s find out below in the article.

James Franco is an actor.

Amidst the ongoing accusation and allegations against him, he shared his cheating stories with the world as per Yahoo.

James Franco and Isabel Pakzad’s split rumors have been surrounding the web at present.

As far as we know, they have been together for four years and a half and still are together. The video of Franco speaking up about his girlfriend, and how she reacted to the allegations and lawsuits can be found on the online platform.

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When Franco was asked how his current girlfriend must have felt about having a boyfriend who was terrible to women, he answered that he bet that she might have felt bad.

The actor has mostly been honest when it has comes to his relationship information and also his cheatings. Even he himself has been open about his unfaithfulness, dishonesty, and that he has cheated on everyone before dating Isabel.

James told that it’s because of power dynamics and alcohol addiction. However, he also revealed that his move was only possible because of students’ permission and their own accord, to whom the actor describes as consenting adults.

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James Franco Accusers And Allegations

James Franco has been alleged by many accusers of sexual misconduct and some even labeled him as a sexual predator.

Most of the accusers are his former students. After the sexual allegations and lawsuits filed by five women in total, of which four were his ex-students and one mentor, he finally admitted that he slept with students at his acting school while in his 20s.

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There are several allegations made on him such as him asking actresses to remove their shirts on set, intimidating students into exploitative sexual situations, sleeping with them, and much more.

Recently, he publicized truthfully about his sex addiction and how this problem has impacted the lives of those people surrounding him.

Meet James Franco On Instagram

James Franco does not have an official Instagram account.

However, there is the presence of many fans account of his, which have managed to garner hundreds and thousands of views.

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