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Jacoby Hart Missing: Help Find and Locate 4-year-old boy Jacoby Hart

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Jacoby Hart Missing: Help Find and Locate 4-year-old boy Jacoby Hart


Jacoby Hart Missing Update – Jacoby Hart, whose gender and age is still unknown has been declared missing. The missing person features such as height, weight, color, shape and physique is still unknown was declared missing.

CICERO, Ill. — Family and police are looking for a missing 4-year-old boy believed to taken by his non-custodial mother and her boyfriend.Cicero4

Jacoby Hart was last seen Saturday by his grandmother in the 4800 block of West 22nd Place in Cicero. Police believe Hart’s non-custodial mother, Abigail Lagunas, took Hart from her mother’s house at around 6 p.m., who was babysitting the boy.

According to a court order, Lagunas’ parenting time has been suspended since June 30.

Hart lives with his father, Kyle, in Joliet and still gets babysat by his maternal grandmother. The grandmother told Hart her daughter said she was going to take him to the park, but she never returned.

Hart was last seen wearing khaki shorts, a blue shirt, black and red shoes, and a blue hat.

His father told WGN News he is concerned that Lagunas and her boyfriend, Isidoro Topete are on methamphetamine with the boy.

Topete’s brother, Fernando, has been working with Hart to get the boy back. He told WGN News his brother is originally from Chicago but has been living in Gary and abusing drugs for the last five years.

Topete said he moved to Wisconsin around that time to get away from his brother, claiming that the 32-year-old “wanted to kill his family” while on drugs.

Isidoro Topete is believed to be driving a black Honda Civic with unknown registration.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts can leave an anonymous tip at 708-863-COPS.

This was made known through the news posted across the social media platforms earlier today. Any person giving any clue shall be suitably rewarded.

Please let us all join hands by locating Jacoby Hart by sharing this post to as many media as possible!!!

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