Jack Dylan Grazer Faces Racist Controversy – Altura and Abuse, Is He Cancelled?

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Jack Dylan Grazer Faces Racist Controversy – Altura and Abuse, Is He Cancelled?

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Is Jack Dylan Grazer Racist? He is accused of racism after a video openly says the word N-word that went viral on Twitter. He faced intense criticism for his misconduct after the video was all over social media.

Jack Dylan Grazer is an American actor best known for Eddie Kaspbrak in the 2017 and 2019 versions of Stephen King’s novel “It.”

Grazer was born in Los Angeles on September 3, 2003, and began his career as a child artist. Luke, and Ron Gone Wrong, and DC Extended Universe movie Shazam! are some of his memorable films.

In July 2021, Grazer emerged as a bisexual during a live Instagram broadcast and announced “he/they” as his pronounce.

Jack Dylan Grazer Faces Racist Controversy – Is He Cancelled?

Jack Dylan Grazer’s video went viral on Twitter as he said N-word in the video, and Jack faced a lot of criticism for it and is getting canceled.

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The situation escalated quickly as people started retweeting and sharing posts about him on social media. However, he has yet to explain the situation and has chosen not to respond for now.

Back in 2018, Jack was in danger after the leak of his video smoking weed online. At the time, the actor was 14 years old and was widely known for his act.

After suffering a severe setback, the 14-year-old ‘It’ star posted an apology on his Instagram. However, the now-deleted apology video has been heavily trolled since it was scripted. The young actor admits to “smoking weed due to peer pressure in the video.”

Jack Dylan Grazer and his ex-girlfriend, Ellie Hiyar, got into a huge and unnecessary argument back in 2017. Although they have split up back then, they are still a popular topic on social media.

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Similarly, Jack was convicted of physical abuse and cheating with Celia Chasman. After they broke up, allegations surfaced on the internet when people posted about their abusive behavior. Chasman’s sister, Shana, described Grazer as a manipulator and abuser.

This is not the first time Grazer has faced such allegations, as he has been accused of harassment in his previous relationship. The Disney star faces a significant setback following all of these dramas but has never responded to any of them.

Find Jack Dylan Grazer On Instagram

Jack Dylan Grazer can be found on Instagram under @jackdgrazer, with over 4 million followers and over 650 posts.

Likewise, Jack is also active in his Twitter account under @Jgrazerofficial, which has over 220k followers with over 50 tweets. He uses it to share most of what he is part of.

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Grazer has gone into so many controversies from his social media and seems like he still enjoys it by just looking at the positive side.

What Is Jack Dylan Grazer Net Worth?

Jack Dylan Grazer’s net worth is estimated at around $ 2 million. His primary source of income can be considered from the blockbuster hit movies It and It Chapter two.

Both the films have been primary reasons why Grazer has stood out. Apart from that, he has also played different characters in different movies.

Dylan’s impressive acting skills in both movies are the reasons for his true success in acting. 

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