Ivan Hall Brother Gabriel Hall Was Arrested For Murder, More on His Parents and Family

Ivan Hall Brother Gabriel Hall Was Arrested For Murder, More on His Parents and Family

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fame Ivan Hall’s brother Gabriel Hall is arrested in relation to the murder of Carlos Veliz Jr. Where is he now?

Ivan Hall, a reality television star, made an impression with his performance on the infamous reality show The Bachelorette season 16.

He was one of Tayshia’s top three picks in the season. Although he was not her final choice, they shared a good bond on the show. Afterward, he tried to find love in Bachelor in Paradise but he was eliminated after breaking some rules.

During his time on The Bachelorette, Ivan’s relationship with his brother Gabriel Hall was a plot point of the show. He and Tayshia shared an emotional moment when he disclosed his brother’s struggles.

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Fans may remember that Gabriel made a surprise appearance when Tayshia met the families of her final suitors. It was an emotional moment for Ivan and his brother as they had not seen each other in a long time.

So, who exactly is Gabriel Hall? Let’s find out.

Gabriel Hall is prominently known as the younger brother of Ivan Hall.

During an emotional conversation with The Bachelorette’s star Tayshia, Hall revealed that he always tried to be a role model for Gabriel.

He never git himself involved in drugs and other illegal activities because he envisioned his small brother following in his footsteps.

However, Hall went away for college, Gabriel got himself involved in exactly those things. According to Republic World, Gabriel was involved in drugs which landed him in jail for four years.

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The younger Hall also has a daughter but he could not see her for the first two years because he was in jail. It was a difficult time for Ivan and his family.

Further, The Bachelor star helps raise his daughter because Gabriel regularly gets in trouble with the law.

Gabriel Hall Arrested For Murder- Where Is He Now?

Gabriel has been in trouble with the law several times in the past and he has done it again. But, the charges are extremely serious this time around.

As TMZ reported, Gabriel is arrested on murder charges. He was arrested in October 2021. He is charged with the murder of 33-year-old Carlos Veliz Jr.

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Gabriel and Carlos were reportedly involved in a verbal argument on August 31. The argument ended with Gabriel shooting the victim in the head and killing him on the spot.

Police linked him to the murder with the help of CCTV footage that showed his car at the crime scene.

Further, the authorities discovered a spent shell casing in the car and found evidence of gunshot residue on Gabriel’s hand and clothing.

Currently, he is still in jail and is held on a $400,000 bond.

Who Are Gabriel Hall Parents?

Information regarding Gabriel Hall’s parents is unknown at the moment.

He is of mixed ethnicity. He has a Black and Filipino heritage from his parents’ side.

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