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It Has Been 33 Years Since Barbara Jean Horn’s Murder – How Are Her Parents Doing?

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It Has Been 33 Years Since Barbara Jean Horn’s Murder – How Are Her Parents Doing?


Who Are Barbara Jean Horn Parents? Murder & Dateline Walter Ogrod Case

Who Barbara Jean Horn Parents? They are Sharon and John Fahy.

The spine-chilling murder of Barbara Jean Horn still remains memorable for people in the 90s. Her own neighbor, Walter Ogrod was placed 28 years in prison and 23 years on death row as the prime suspect. 

However, it was later discovered that Ogrod was not the killer. 

Who Are Barbara Jean Horn Parents? Update on her Father and Mother

Barbara Jean Horn was the daughter of parents Sharon and John Fahy.

The family used to live in the Northeast section of Philadelphia together. Likewise, Barbara was the only child of the couple. 

On July 12, 1998, when Barbara Jean Horn’s mother was out at work, the toddler vanished from her front yard. Though Barbara Jean Horn’s father went to check her, she was nowhere to be found.

John then questioned neighbors and everybody around. Eventually, he called the police officials. To a horror, Barabra was found dead and stuffed into a cardboard box after two hours of search.

Sadly, Barbara Jean Horn was just 4 years in age when her obituary was released. 

Barbara Jean Horn reportedly died from murder. 

There was clear evidence that Horn was probably bludgeoned to death. She was brutally stuffed in a box, which previously contained a television, and placed near some trash cans two blocks away from her house. 

Some witnesses identified a white man (25-30 years old) as her killer. He was apparently seen carrying the TV box, which was believed to same as the one Barbara was found. 

Police and detectives soon started questioning everyone in the neighborhood. Among them, conflicting answers by Walter Ogrod raised eyebrows. 

The officials confronted Ogrod for many days and he eventually confessed to the murder of Barbara Jean. He alleged that he lured the child to his basement, tried to assault her sexually and subsequently killed her.

However, it was later discovered that Walter was wrongfully convicted of the murder. The story made headlines, and the infamous Barbara Jean Horn case was also mentioned on Wikipedia. 

Barbara Jean Horn on Dateline Episode: What Was Walter Ogrod Case?

The Barbara Jean Horn and Walter Ogrod case was even featured on Dateline Episode.

There were many reasons that pointed Walter wasn’t the murderer. He asserted that he was physically and mentally tortured into confessing the alleged crimes.

In 2018, the court reponed Barbara Jean Horn and Walter Ogrod trial. This time, medical results found that Walter’s DNA did not match with one on Barbara’s body. 

Ogrod was finally released from prison on June 5, 2020. He recently shared his side of the story with Dateline. 

On the other hand, Horn’s murder case remains unsolved. 

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