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Isabella Loretta Janke Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Parents- Meet The Person Behind Chris Chan Exposed Audio

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Isabella Loretta Janke Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Parents- Meet The Person Behind Chris Chan Exposed Audio


Who Is Isabella Loretta Janke? Age, Parents Father & Audio On Reddit

Isabella Loretta Janke, age 20, parents are a former Navy Seal and airline pilot. Discover who she is in the following article. 

Isabella Loretta Janke is the lady behind Chris Chan’s audio. She was her close friend for a long time. Moreover, she is also a YouTuber.

A few months back, an autistic and trans YouTuber, Christine Weston Chandler, was charged for having sexual intercourse with her mother. Her eight minutes phone call was leaked throughout the gossip platform Kiwi Farm.

She is now held in the Henrico County Jail. In the audio, we can hear Chris explaining her sexual intercourse with her mother, Barbara.

Isabella Loretta Janke is a close friend of Chris and a YouTuber. Moreover, she is the person behind Chirs’s exposed phone call.

Firstly, she was misidentified as Kelly Osborn. But later, the investigation going on Kiwi Farm discovered Kelly was Isabella’s alias nicknames. Isabella has many nicknames revealed.

It is suspected that she recorded and leaked the call to blackmail her autistic friend. However, she has released an eight paged Google docs document, mentioning a lady named Fiona as the person behind Chirs’s current situation.

Isabella Loretta Janke Age And Wikipedia

Isabella Loretta Janke’s age is summed to be 20 years old. Further information about her birthday and actual idade is not known right now.

She is also not featured on Wikipedia. However, she is not hard to find on Internet as she has become an internet sensation after Kiwi Farm investigated the audio of Chris. The lead audio is found on Redditt, Kiwi Farm, and call transcripts on various websites.

Academically, Isabella is a student of Texas Tech University. Professionally, she is also a YouTuber. Not more is known about her.

Meet Isabella Loretta Janke’s Parents

Isabella Loretta Janke’s parents are well-educated and elite. Her father, John Michael Janke, is a former Navy Seal and co-founder of startup incubator DataTribe.

Her Mother, Athena Pettit, is an airline pilot. Not much is known regarding her family.

She might be a Texas resident and has American nationality, as she studies at Texas Tech University.

Chris Chan Audio On Reddit

On 30th July 2021, there was a phone call audio leaked on Reddit and Kiwi Farm. The audio was about the sexual intercourse of Chris Chan and her mother, Barbara.

Now, Chris is in custody. The person behind that phone call is suspected to be Isabella Loretta Janke. She was found to be the voice on the other side of the phone by a thread on Kiwi Farm.

Find Isabella On Instagram

Isabella is not found on Instagram. However, during the case of Chris, there was an Instagram id named @nobodysbusiness77897 dragged into the controversy. But this id is no longer available.

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