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Is Suzette Quintanilla Still Married To Bill Arriaga? Family Details To Know

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Is Suzette Quintanilla Still Married To Bill Arriaga? Family Details To Know

Is Suzette Quintanilla Married? Find out Quintella’s married life with Bill Arriaga. They have been married for so long and still living a happy marital life. 

Learn more about Suzette regarding her family, husband, and children in the article given below.

She is a Mexico-based actress, a businesswoman, and a musician. Suzette is the sister of famous Mexican-American musician and singer Selena Quintella.

Suzette is a producer of the Netflix Series Selena. It is said that Selena 2 is on the way.

Is Suzette Quintella Married? 

Yes, Suzette Quintella is a married woman.

According to Marie Claire, she is married to Bill Arriaga.

Suzette and Bill were in love for a long time. They tied their knot in 1993


They are still together and share a lovely bond. They have an about 22 years old son.

Suzette Quintella Family and Children

Talking about family, Suzette now lives with her husband Bill Arriaga and their son Jovan Arriaga.

Suzette is the older sister of famous Mexican-American musician Selena Quintella. Suzette’s parents’ name is not available.

However, we can see her sharing their photos and wishes.


Suzette was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, United States. She grew up there with her sister Selena.

She was very much close to her sister. They used to perform together, but the untimely death of Selena destroyed all.

Besides music, Selena had started a clothing line, a perfume line, and a make-up line. Selena died in 1995; since then, Suzette is preserving her sister’s legacy.

Selena was Suzette’s bandmate. Although she stopped her drumming career, she is working on the lines her sister had started.

To honor her sister Suzette has produced a Netflix series, Selena. The series Selena is gaining lots of praise on Netflix.


She frequently shares posts about Selena on her social media. We can see many photos and lover words for Selena on her Instagram.

She even thinks that her son shares a resemblance to her sister. She mentioned his smile resembles Selena’s smile.

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