Is Ryan Ferguson Locked Up In Prison? Amazing Race Contestant Wrongfully Convicted -Details To Know

Is Ryan Ferguson Locked Up In Prison? Amazing Race Contestant Wrongfully Convicted -Details To Know

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Is Ryan Ferguson Locked Up In Prison? Here are the latest updates on the man who was wrongfully convicted of a murder that he did not commit!

Ryan Ferguson is predominantly known as the man who was wrongfully convicted of murder.

He was convicted of the Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt’s murder in 2001.

Though Ferguson was convicted of the murder in 2005, he had been in jail since 2003 while his conviction was vacated in 2013.

His story has received a wide range of media coverage, including shows, books, and worldwide news.

Thus, he often becomes one of the trending names on the web from time and again.

Is Ryan Ferguson Locked Up In Prison? Meet The Amazing Race Contestant

Ryan Ferguson is currently out of jail and is not locked up in prison.

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He got out of prison in 2013 and has found a career for himself while he is trying to make the best out of his life.

Ferguson involves himself in many adventurous lifestyles, making up for the lost ten years of his life.

From being an MTV host to appearing as a contestant on “The Amazing Race 33,” Ferguson is winning at life.

His optimism in life is one of the motivating stories for other inmates who are wrongfully convicted like himself.

Ryan Ferguson Full Story On Reddit: Wrongfully Convicted & Settlement

Ryan Ferguson’s case makes up different discussions pages on Reddit where people discuss him, a wrongfully convicted teenager.

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After two years of the actual murder, he was arrested and convicted after his friend testified against him.

His friend, Charles Erickson, was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol at the time of the murder. He is currently serving 25 years in prison.

The victim, Kent, was attacked on November 1 morning.

After Ferguson’s conviction was vacated, he filed a civil suit against 11 individuals, Boone County and the city of Columbia in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

The suit alleged suppression of exculpatory evidence, fabrication of evidence, reckless or intentional failure to investigate, malicious prosecution, conspiracy to deprive constitutional rights, false arrest, and defamation. 

In October 2020, Ferguson was awarded $11 million as a settlement- $1 million for each year he spent in prison and $1 million for legal expenses.

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Who Is Ryan Ferguson Wife?

Ryan Ferguson does not have a wife as he is not married yet. However, he has found love with Brigit Mahoney, a Fox weather meteorologist.

The two are open about their relationship and often showcase their love on their respective social media handles.

Ferguson is an active advocate for wrongfully convicted inmates; thus, his Instagram handle is dedicated to his newfound journey.

Ryan Ferguson Net Worth Revealed

Ferguson has not disclosed the complete insiders on his net worth yet.

Meanwhile, it is for sure that he is a millionaire after his settlement with the 2014 lawsuit.

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