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Is Pooja Handa Leaving Cp24 Or Is She Working From Home? Where Is She Going?

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Is Pooja Handa Leaving Cp24 Or Is She Working From Home? Where Is She Going?


Pooja Handa CP24 Salary: Where Is Pooja Going: Is She Leaving?

Pooja Handa has said goodbye to CP24. Where is Pooja going? She has not mentioned anything about her whereabouts. Read the article to know about her salary. 

Pooja Handa is an award-winning broadcaster and Canadian news reporter who has made a successful career with a news channel. 

She previously worked as a traffic reporter and entertainment host for Global Morning News in Toronto. 

How Much Is Pooja Handa CP24 Salary? Her Net Worth Explored 

Pooja Handa who was working as an anchor CP24, hasn’t disclosed her salary details. Hence, the net worth is not available on any sites. 

She has been working at The TV for many years, and her expertise and work experience explains that she certainly has earned a good salary and earnings for herself. More importantly, she is a self-reliant and independent woman. 

Moreover, her husband has an estimated net worth of $3 Million to $12 Million. He works as a director in a company and has also partnered with Chitiz Pathak LLP.

In compiling their net worth, they own a hefty amount of fortune. 

Where Is Pooja Handa Going: Is She Leaving & Working From Home?

Pooja Handa has not clarified anything about where she will be going next. We are also not sure if she will be working from home.

For this Handa has to make a clear post or statement on her future projects. 

However, she has mentioned on her IG post that “I am moving onto another exciting opportunity that I can’t wait to tell you about in due time.”

So, her fans and viewers cannot wait for the excitement of her new journey. 

Pooja Handa- Illness and Health 

Pooja Handa seems to be a healthy person and has not opened about her illness or health issues. 

Is Pooja Handa Married? Her Husband And Wedding Details 

Yes, Pooja Handa is married. Her husband is Paul Pathak.

Their wedding photos can be easily viewed on Pooja’s Instagram page. 

Pooja and Paul have been spending nearly 8 years of togetherness, and they are going strong which gives everyone a major couple goals. 

Handa married in a traditional Indian style wedding, and which was attended by her friends and family. 

Further, Handa and her husband are currently based in Toronto, Canada. 

Pooja Handa: Wikipedia 

Pooja Handa is absent from Wikipedia. Despite being a most loved Television figure, and personality, she is yet to make her debut on the page of Wikipedia. 

Moreover, she has a huge fan base on social media, and her Instagram has 23.3k followers so far. Likewise, Handa has also garnered 22.5k followers on Twitter. 

Her Twitter account is under the username @poojahandatv

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