Is Michael Rosen Blind? Illness And Health Update – Is He Dying?

Is Michael Rosen Blind? Illness And Health Update – Is He Dying?


Is Michael Rosen Blind? Get all the latest updates on his health and learn more about his illness here below!

Michael Rosen is the internet-famous children’s author and poet.

Aside from his works in children’s literature, he gained worldwide fame after his interviews went viral and became a well-known meme.

Given his work background, he has also worked as a television presenter and political columnist.

Rosen also served as Children’s Laureate from 2007 to 2009.

Is Michael Rosen Blind? His Illness And Health Update

Michael Rosen is not blind, per his recent health update.

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Likewise, he is not suffering from any severe illness that has any effects on his health at the moment.

‘I was getting 24 hours care, no questions asked.’

Author Michael Rosen, whose life was saved by the NHS after he contracted Covid, says he ‘owes everything to NHS workers.’

He also gives @kategarraway and @richardm56 an update about his health.

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) July 22, 2021

Meanhwile, he had a hard time fighting for his life back in March 2020 when he contracted Covid-19.

He spent 47 days in the ICU starting from 29 March. He is confirmed to have remained in a medical-induced coma during that period.

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Likewise, after his health saw improvement, he was transferred back to a geriatric ward to many hospitals before returning home.

Rosen returned home on 24 June and later uploaded a video on his YouTube channel explaining his health issues and his life after that time.

Is Micheal Rosen Dying?

Michael Rosen is not dying instead he is alive and thriving.

He is actively interacting with the media and is currently headlining the news with his statement.

Meanwhile, it is a miracle that he made a full recovery from the deadly clasp of the Covid-19 virus that has claimed millions of lives worldwide.

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Rosen is back to his normal life and is hoping on making more progress in his work life.

Not to be surprised, the iconic writer wrote the book, “Rigatoni the Pasta Cat,” while he was recovering at home after returning from the hospital.

With such an impressive level of dedication for his work, Rosen is a motivated person towards life.

Hence, any news of his poor health and death are not true.

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