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Is Gardening Australia Jane Edmanson Married? Husband Or Partner Details

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Is Gardening Australia Jane Edmanson Married? Husband Or Partner Details


Who is Jane Edmanson Husband Or Married Partner? Age Wikipedia

Jane Edmanson has not revealed any information about her husband yet. However, it is said that the famous horticulture has already been married.

Jane Edmanson is an Australian horticulturalist, author, and television and radio personality who is mainly known as a presenter for the ABC TV program Gardening Australia.

Jane Edmanson Husband Or Partner- Is She Married?

Australian horticulturalist Edmanson has not mentioned her husband or partner until now.

However, it is said that Jane is already married but she has kept her married life low-key, and therefore no one knows her partner.

She has also not revealed if she has given birth to any children or kids yet.

Jane was born and raised on a citrus farm in Buronga, New South Wales, near Mildura but she has also not talked about her parents and family.

Edmanson’s age is currently 71 years old.

The Australian horticulturalist was born on October 21, 1950, and it is known that she attended Monash University, where he earned a BA in Dip Edon Cert Hort, Cert Landscape Tech.

Moreover, she also attended Burnley College of the University of Melbourne where she studied horticulture and landscape technology.

It is known that Edmanson was involved in horticulture with her parents in the 1970s.

She got to know about horticulture and environmental care, which included, salt management and under-tree irrigation.

Jane started her career as a teacher at Dimbola and then she was made the Deputy Director of the Victorian Schools Nursery.

The horticulturalist had also worked as a Nursery Hand at the Victorian Schools for almost 15 years.

Jane Edmanson Wikipedia Bio

Australian author Jane has got herself a Wikipedia bio.

According to her bio, she has written and co-authored books on gardening and horticulture such as The Australian Garden, Jane Edmanson’s Favorite Plants, The New Zealand Garden, etc.

Edmanson replaced Kevin Heinze as a presenter for ABC TV’s named Sow What, and she is also a founding presenter at Gardening Australia.

She had also worked in the retail plant nursery industry and was also a partner with friends in the suburban Bell Street Garden Center retail nursery in Preston, Victoria.

The famous personality is the only presenter for Gardening Australia since its beginning in 1990.

Jane is also available on Instagram under the username @janeedmanson, where she has shared only 5 posts and she has been followed by more than six hundred people.

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