Is Drew Planten Dead Or Alive? Stephanie Bennett Murder Convict Now – Did He Suicide?

Is Drew Planten Dead Or Alive? Stephanie Bennett Murder Convict Now – Did He Suicide?
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Drew Planten’s whereabouts as in whether he is dead or alive must be the thought of many who have heard about the Stephani Bennett murder case. 

Kaye Bennett wrote a book, “It actually gave me a purpose” dedicated to her niece Stephanie Bennett. Her aunt wrote a book to inspire others who have lost their nearest ones tragically.

Kaye remembers her niece as a quiet, little girl holding her hand. She continued, “She was sweet that way. She had a real sweet spirit.” Her book has good feedback.

Drew Planten Whereabouts: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Drew Planten is dead as of now. He committed suicide in the jail itself. On January 2, 2006, Planten was found unresponsive in his jail cell at Raleigh’s Central Prison.

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He hung himself in the cell, for which his mother filed a lawsuit against the state. She thought they failed to protect her son while he was being held. 

A state Bureau of Investigation inquiry found there was no foul play in his death, and there was nothing correctional officers could have done to stop him. His mother was Stephanie Chandler.

The lawsuit said, “His condition severely deteriorated.” “He became withdrawn and unresponsive again. His declining mental status culminated in his death when he hung himself.”

On the other hand, Bennett’s father said he does not think there was any merit to the case. Carmon Bennett said, “Planten was a very intelligent individual.”

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“He used it in all the wrong ways. The day he was arrested he has .9 mm on his possession, and if he had had a chance to use it. I think he would have committed suicide then.”

Know Stephanie Bennett Murder Case

It was a dark day, on May 21, 2002, when Stephanie Bennett had been raped and strangled. The 23 years old lady’s dead body was found in her North Raleigh apartment.

The autopsy report confirmed her rape and strangulation. Investigators interviewed thousands of witnesses and followed hundreds of leads, but never turned up any suspect.

After more than three years, on October 19, 2005, Raleigh police arrested a suspect in Bennett’s death, Drew Planten, an employee for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

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Was Drew Planten The Killer?

Dew Planten was suspected to be the killer of Stephanie Renee Bennett. The case of her murder was under investigation for a few years after the crime took place. 

Planten was arrested for the capital murder in Raleigh, North Carolina. Before he could be tried, he hung himself in the jail cell. He was arrested as per the DNA match.

He was a DNA match to the crime scene evidence. He was 35 years old when he took his life. It remained a mystery why he killed Stephanie and was he guilty to take his own life.


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