Is Bridget Moynahan Leaving Blue Bloods, What Happened To Erin Reagan On The Show?

Is Bridget Moynahan Leaving Blue Bloods, What Happened To Erin Reagan On The Show?


Blue Bloods fans are curious why Bridget Moynahan is leaving the show? Let’s take a sneak peek at her leading role, Erin Reagon.

American actress Bridget Moynahan rose to prominence with her guest appearance in Sex and the City. She also gained huge recognition for her role in films like I, Robert, Coyote Ugly and John Wick sequels.

As a top model, Moynahan made her feature appearance in Vogue, Elle, Glamour (six times). She also posed nude for the May issue of Allure magazine in 2011. However, she looked into acting because she knew modeling never lasts.

Is Bridget Moynahan Leaving Blue Bloods?

It’s difficult to leave a profession after a decade or more, and Bridget Moynahan’s role as Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods is no exception. She has been a regular on the popular CBS cop drama since its inception in 2009 but has no plans to leave anytime soon.

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Mrs. Moynahan considered her future outside the Reagan family, whether because of a desire to take on a new task or a wish to take on a new challenge. She may be considering her next move after joining Blue Bloods in the first place.

Bridget nearly passed on the part when Donnie Wahlberg and his charisma came in. It is, nevertheless, a sad fact of the television industry. Even after she completely committed to it, there was no proof that the series would make it through the pilot stage.

Over the years, Moynahan has given her future a lot of consideration. Furthermore, Yahoo! Life met up with the Blue Bloods actress and questioned her about her plans for the future.

Mrs. Moynahan is searching for something along with Mare of Easttown or The Handmaid’s Tale. She believes that there is so much great employment, opportunities, and fantastic scriptwriting out there for women.

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As a result, Reagan discovered that new adventures were continually knocking on the door. She also told the makers of Blue Bloods cast that she was thrilled when the show came long for her to get this job in New York to raise her children near their dad.

What Happened To Erin Reagan On The Show?

Erin Reagan, Bridget Moynahan’s character, survived an assassination attempt. It happened in the third stance when one of the biker gang’s members tried to kill her to disperse their competitors, including the leader, whom she was prosecuting.

Erin keeps a handgun in her desk drawer, maybe due to the event with Reid. On the shooting range, she is a better shooter than her brothers. Much to Jamie’s dismay, she’s also proved to be a superior pool player.

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Bridget Moynahan Husband – Is She Married or Not?

Bridget Moynahan has been married to an American business, Andrew Frankel, since October 17, 2015. The couple’s wedding took place in the gorgeous vineyard of the Hamptons in the presence of their respective families and friends.

Mrs. Moynahan’s husband, Mr. Frankel, has been serving as the president of a brokerage company, Stuart Frankel and Co., Inc. He is also the co-managing editor for a media company, Inside 11 Wall Street in New York City. 

Before Bridget’s marriage with Andrew, she has already become the mother of three children, including John Edward Thomas Moynahan (with Tom Brady). She also has had an affair with screenwriter Scott Rosenberg from 2001 to 2003.

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