Is Anne Murray Still Married? Husband 2021 And Net Worth Of The Canadian Singer Explored

Is Anne Murray Still Married? Husband 2021 And Net Worth Of The Canadian Singer Explored


Is Anne Murray is still happily married to her husband, Bill Langstroth, music producer and longtime host of Singalong Jubilee? Let’s find out.

Anne Murray, dubbed “America’s Canadian Sweetheart,” is a woman of success who has achieved record-breaking sales and an impressive award tally over her 45-year music career.

Despite her success in the industry, she had several low points.

In her tell-all memoir All of Me, published in 2008, she revealed everything from her meteoric rise to the top to her tribulations and even her long-term affair with TV producer Bill Langstroth.

Murray married Bill Langstroth, a music producer and longtime host of Singalong Jubilee, in 1975. They have two children, William (born in 1976) and Dawn (born in 1979).

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Dawn is a singer-songwriter and artist who has collaborated with her mother on several occasions, including the duet “Let There Be Love” for Murray’s What a Wonderful World album in 1999.

In addition, Murray and Dawn performed a mother-daughter duet of “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do” on Murray’s hit 2008 U.S. CD, Anne Murray Duets: Friends & Legends (released in late 2007 in Canada).

Murray and Langstroth divorced the following year after they separated in 1997. Langstroth passed away in May of 2013.

Anne Murray Kids- How Many Children Does She Have?

As mentioned before, Anne Murray’s children have two children, and one of them, Dawn, has followed in her footsteps as a singer-songwriter.

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The beautiful mother-daughter duo has recorded several songs, including “Let There Be Love,” a duet for Murray’s What a Wonderful World album in 1999.

Dawn then appeared on Murray’s Anne Murray Duets: Friends & Legends album in 2008 for another duet titled “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do.”

But, in addition to being a musician, she is also a painter. Her official website has a look at her collection.

Anne Murray has now returned to her native Nova Scotia, where she has happily rekindled relationships with family and friends.

While she won’t be putting on a show anytime soon, she’s content to sit down with her old guitar and revisit a few old songs to see if she can still carry a tune.

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Anne Murray Net Worth Revealed

Anne Murray’s net worth is calculated to be around $60 million as of December 2021 and is not expected to rise significantly.

Murray earned tens of millions of dollars from the sales of her album and from performing.

Anne Murray earned approximately $1.5 million from the “What a Wonderful World” album alone and roughly $3 million from sales of the “Christmas Wishes.”



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