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Is Alaqua Cox Deaf In Real Life? Parents Ethnicity & Leg Disability

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Is Alaqua Cox Deaf In Real Life? Parents Ethnicity & Leg Disability


Is Alaqua Cox deaf in real life too? The 24-year-old American native Cox actress rose to fame after she appeared in the sci-fi and thriller TV series Hawkeye.

Alaqua Cox is a prominent American actress who has made her debut appearance onscreen this year. Though she has signed in a few films, her name and recognition are known worldwide. Mainly, by the deaf community, her role and performance are appreciated. People’s positive response on Twitter has inspired her to flourish in the acting field. 

After completing her graduation, Alaqua worked at a nursing home, including Amazon and FedEx, reported IMDb

Nonetheless, for determined people, disability is not a bar for success. Alaqua is the perfect example of this. Cox’s other overwhelming role as Maya Lopez in “Echo” is in the production stage. 

You might not know, Alaqua was a background actress in high school before she was cast as Maya Lopex in Marvel Studios Hawkeye, which premiered on November 24, 2021, on Disney +. Thanks to her friends, who sent her casting calls to the Marvel Universe team. The team was looking for a female performer who was deaf. 

Alaqua Cox Was Born Deaf To Parents Elena And Bill Cox

Alaqua was born deaf in childhood. Also, she is an amputee with a prosthetic implant. 

Her parents, Elena and Bill, showed their immense support in her career. Recalling her early days, Alaqua enrolled in the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, plus she played on the Girl’s Basketball Team from 2014 to 2015 to take part in their volleyball team.

Speaking about her kin details, Alaqua has three siblings. Their names are Will, Jordan, and Katie.  

Alaqua has a leg disability to her lower right leg. She hasn’t shared any details about the incident till now. 

The young emerging entertainer Alaqua has become an inspiration for teenagers who think their disability is a curse. The thing that matters the most is self-confidence and patience. Good things take time.

The Hawkeye star Alaqua is active on Instagram and Twitter. Her fan following on Instagram is 22.1k as of November 2021. 

Alaqua Cox Ethnicity Is White

Born in Wisconsin, Alaqua belongs to the white ethnicity. Likewise, her nationality is American. 

According to Hollywoodreporter, Alaqua has never dreamed of becoming an actor in her life. Whatsoever, she got an opportunity to work with high-ranked performers. 


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