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Irish Taekwondo Player Jack Woolley Was Attacked – See What Happened

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Irish Taekwondo Player Jack Woolley Was Attacked – See What Happened


Taekwondo – What Happened To Jack Woolley? Parents And Partner

Jack Woolley was born to Irish parents. His father is yet to be known, but his mother’s name is Annette Woolley.

Irish Taekwondo athlete Jack Woolley, who became a sensation in the 2020 Summer Olympics, was hospitalized after being attacked by a group of 8 to 12 people recently.

What Happened To Jack Woolley? He Was Attacked

Jack Woolley is brutally injured and is hospitalized for now.

The professional taekwondo athlete was hit very inhumanly in the face, which made him seriously injured and he had to get a surgery done.

According to Jack himself, he was walking by the River Luffy after going out for dinner with his friends when he was suddenly attacked by a group of people.

The taekwondo athlete has also shared a photo of himself lying on the floor with blood all over him on his Instagram profile.

In the same post, we can also see how brutal his wound was, and he has also shared a photo of himself after the surgery was completed.

He has also mentioned that he was punched very hard on his face by one of the people in the group and then Woolley also heard a voice saying it was the wrong person.

Jack Woolley Parents-Meet His Father And Mother

Woolley has not mentioned much about his parents on the internet or even with the media.

However, it is known that his mother’s name is Annette Woolley, but his father’s name is yet to be disclosed.

Jack was taught athlete by his grandfather, and it is known that he took up taekwondo when he was just 6 years old.

Jack also has an older brother named Ryan, who became a victim of bullying in primary school and that was when his parents sent both their children to a taekwondo club.

Other than that, he has not mentioned anything about her father and mother, and therefore, they are still on the dark side of Woolley’s story.

Is Jack Woolley Married? His Wife or Partner

The professional taekwondo athlete is yet to be married.

Therefore, we can know that he does not have a wife or partner until now.

Moreover, he is said to be gay, which is also confirmed on his Wikipedia bio, and therefore, there is very little chance for him to ever have a wife.

Jack got to represent Ireland at the 2020 Summer Olympics in the men’s 58 kg category but was defeated by Lucas Guzman in the round of 32.

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