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Ione Belarra Wikipedia: Everything To know

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Ione Belarra Wikipedia: Everything To know

Learn about Ione Belarra via her Wikipedia about her age and bio.

Ione Belarra Urteaga is a Spanish politician and psychologist who is the current Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 of the Government of Spain.

She is a member of the state-citizen council of Podemos and has been a deputy of Navarra.

The politician shares a good relationship with fellow politician Irene Montero and her partner, Pablo Iglesias Turrión.

Irene and Pablo are among the most influential politician of Spain which had really helped Ione as well.

Ione Belarra Wikipedia and Age

Ione Belarra has already been documented on Wikipedia.

Her Wikipedia is available in two languages: Spanish and English where the former has more information about the politician.

Ione Belarra’s age is 33 years old and his birthday falls on September 25.

She was born in the year 1987 in Pamplona, Navarra, and holds Spanish nationality.

Who is Ione Belarra Boyfriend?

Ione Belarra’s boyfriend is Ignacio Ramos Delgado. 

They are fellow members of Podemos and after they got into a relationship, they bought a house together at  Vallecas. neighborhood.

When the politician rose to power, her boyfriend was promoted to advisor to the parliamentary group in Congress.

At the same time, she had revealed that she was pregnant with their first child.


So far, she has not revealed any pictures of her baby, often hiding the baby’s face with a sticker.

What is Ione Belarra’s Net Worth?

Ione Belarra’s net worth is not known.

As the secretary of a state, we can assume that the politician earns a decent amount of money and her net worth is probably valued in millions.

Meet Ione Belarra on Instagram

Ione is available and active on Instagram @ionebelarra.

Her account is already verified and she has over 25.4k followers so far.

Aside from stuff related to her work, she also shares a lot of pictures of her personal life.


Furthermore, she is also on Facebook @IoneBelarra and Twitter @ionebelarra.

Both the account are already verified and has over 36k and 89.3k followers respectively.


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