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Hugo Avalos-Chanon Meat Blender Video Resurfaces On The Internet, Watch It

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Hugo Avalos-Chanon Meat Blender Video Resurfaces On The Internet, Watch It

Hugo Avalos-Chanon Meat Blender Video Resurfaces On The Internet, Watch It

Hugo Avalos-Chanon death video resurfaces on Reddit and Twitter. Find more about his clip from here.

The workplace is not always a safe place. According to ILO, there are around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work.

Similarly, every day around 6,300 people die as a result of occupational accidents. This makes the death rate more than 2.3 million per year.

Here is a similar tragic workplace incident explained that took away the life of Hugo Avalos-Chanon. Continue to know more.

Who Is Hugo Avalos-Chanon?

Hugo Avalos-Chanon was a commoner, a native of Mexico.

He was working as a cleaning contractor and an employee of a sanitation company.

Hugo Avalos-Chanon died after falling into a meat blender. At the time he was doing his shift at Clackamas, Oregon.

According to OSHA, he was an employee of the DCS Sanitation Management. Back then Chanon’s employers had a contract with Interstate Meat Distributors.

Medical reports suggested that he died from blunt-force injuries and chopping wounds.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the meat-grounding room wasn’t properly locked down during cleaning.

Further, it was proven that his hose (a flexible tube conveying water) got caught in the machine’s paddles and pulled him inside.

An unexpected start-up of the machine was responsible to have caused the injuries.

Hugo Avalos-Chanon Reddit Death Video Explained

Hugo Avalos-Chanon’s tragic accident video is being resurfaced on Reddit and Twitter.

However, none of them seems to be the original video.

As of lately, people are sharing the fake clip for no reason. There is no idea about who really started sharing the clip.

But due to the fake content, the videos are being removed slowly from the Internet.

At the same time, many content creators are sharing the picture of a meat blender and relating it to Hugo Avalos-Chanon.

Hugo Avalos-Chanon Age: How Old?

Hugo Avalos-Chanon was 41 years old at the time of the tragic accident.

However, we are unaware of his birthday details for now. He is a Latino by ethnicity and was been serving for DHS for a very long time.


Hugo Avalos-Chanon Wife Family

Hugo Avalos-Chanon’s wife and family sued the employer for the wrongful death.

They filed against the Interstate Meat Distributors and DCS Sanitation Management for their negligence.

His widow had sued both employers for a total of over $5 million. Further, DCS was fined $6,300 after Avalos-Chanon’s death.

Based on pretrial testimony, a Clackamas County judge let the family seek punitive damages at trial.

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