How Old Was Angie Diale At The Time Of Her Death? Age and Husband Name, Was She Married?

How Old Was Angie Diale At The Time Of Her Death? Age and Husband Name, Was She Married?


Angie Diale was supposedly 55 years of age before her demise. This article will learn about Angie Diale’s age, relationship status, and more.

Mam’ Angie, best known for hosting Mzansi Magic’s Please Step In and SABC1’s Relate, is no more with us, she died on Thursday, December 23, at Leratong Hospital after a brief illness.

Her family confirmed to the People’s Paper that the much-loved media personality, known for her no-nonsense approach to addressing situations, had died.

Mam’ Angie, a well-known activist, and health and relationship counselor, has left a lasting impact.

She worked as a spokesperson for several organizations, including the National Department of Health’s Khomanani campaign.

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It was used to persuade countries to commit life to reverse the HIV epidemic by providing the basic requirements of HIV/Aids patients and orphaned and vulnerable children.

The TV host and HIV/AIDS activist Angie was diagnosed with HIV more than 20 years ago while working as a nurse.

How Old Was Angie Diale At The Time Of Her Death? – Age Details

Angie Diale did not reveal her age until her demise to the media. However, Diale is reported to be 55 years old at her death.

Angie Diale was a South African HIV campaigner, advocate, health and relationship counselor, as well as a TV personality who is well known for hosting the SABC1 series Relate.

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Angie was very passionate about youth, parent, and community communication from an early age.

Diale facilitated It Takes Courage, a curriculum designed to help youth and adults define their ambitions and learn about good and harmful relationships by starting conversations in churches, schools, and street corners.

She was also a resident counselor and content advisor for SABC1’s Choice, a youth program.

Details on Angie Diale Husband – Was She Married?

Angie Diale was a married woman, and she also had a child. However, her husband and child both are out of the spotlight from the public.

Diale is a mother diagnosed with HIV shortly after her son was born. As a result, she is one of those individuals who is unafraid to discuss HIV and AIDS.

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Diale worked as a student nurse at Sandringham Gardens before moving to Johannesburg Hospital to enhance her nursing profession.

In addition, Angie is a founding member of South Africa’s Democratic Nursing Organization. Furthermore, she worked as a health coordinator for her local civic association.

Angie Diale Net Worth

According to Net Worth Post, Mam Angie Diale had a net worth of roughly $700,000.

Angie worked for various TV networks and her social job, which may have earned her a considerable deal of money.

So, even though official sources fail to validate her valuation, we can assume she possessed a decent amount of wealth.

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