How Much Money Did Robert Durst Left His Kids? Net Worth At The Time Of Death

How Much Money Did Robert Durst Left His Kids? Net Worth At The Time Of Death
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Robert Durst happens to be a convicted serial killer on top of being a real estate heir who went to his death bed at the age of 78 years. How much money did he leave his kids? Net worth at the time of death and parent’s fortune exposed. 

Late Rober Durst was not just popular for being the successor of a fortune of his father but also as a murderer of his lovers. Kathleen McCormack Durst was his first wife who he married in 1973.

The missing wife was declared dead in 1990, the murder suspect being Robert. Similarly, he was accused of killing Susan Berman in 2000, an American journalist with who he was friends for a long time.

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Likewise, the year 2001 was followed by another murder of his neighbor Morris Black. The dreadful criminal is no more in this world as he passed away on the 10th of January, 2022 leaving behind his fortune to the offspring.

How Much Money Did Robert Durst Leave His Kids?

Robert Durst might have left around $50 million of money along with a few of the properties. Well, he left behind his $1.75 million townhouses in Harlem which he purchased in the year 2011.

Most of the years of his life were spent in court trials and bails. So he lost most of his wealth to bails and compensation.

Robert Durst Net Worth At Time Of Death

Although Robert Durst’s family empire is worth more than $8 billion, he was already out of the business in 2006. So he was worth $65 million at the time of settlement among which $20 million was given to his power of attorney Chataran.

The murderer facing lifelong imprisonment at the age of 78 passed away after the 2 months of his sentence because of Covid infection.

Robert Durst’s parent’s fortune

Robert Durst was the heir of the greatest wealth as his parents were the owner of Durst Organization, the oldest commercial real estate company in New York City.

The company was led by his father Seymour Durst and his younger brother Douglas Durst. He received $65,000,000 as his possession being the son of the owner of Durch Organization in the year 2006.

Robert Durst Real estate business

Robert Durst’s family real estate business was established by his grandfather Joseph Durst who migrated to New York from Austra, Hungary as a tailor in the 1920s. He founded the Durch organization in the year 1927.

Handling the business to his sons, the eldest of the grandson was Robert. Because of the misconduct of the convicted murderer the entire responsibility was handed over to Douglas, Robert’s younger brother.


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