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How Did Olivia Podmore Die? Cause Death Revealed, Age, Biography, Images, Videos And Net Worth

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How Did Olivia Podmore Die? Cause Death Revealed, Age, Biography, Images, Videos And Net Worth

How Did Olivia Podmore Dies Cause Death Reason Age Bio Images Videos And Net Worth

The sudden death of former New Zealand professional racing cyclist, Olivia Podmore has left everyone in a complete state of shock especially her family, friends and followers. As per the initial reports, the lifeless body of the 24-year old racing cyclist was discovered at a private residence situated in the Waikato district of the upper north island of New Zealand on 9th August 2021, Monday at around 4:00 PM (GMT). The news of Podmore’s demise was first confirmed by the officials of the Olympic Committee of New Zealand (NZOC) over their official social media account.

As of now, no information has been shared by the local officers regarding the real cause of Podmore’s death, however, it has been reported that hours before her death, the 24-year old athlete uploaded a post over her Instagram account in which she was seen talking about the demand of high-performance sports. Podmore has represented her country at the 2018 Commonwealth Games as well as at the 2016 Summer Olympics. However, in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics, the new Zealand cyclist was not selected. A couple of hours before her death, Podmore took to her Instagram account and talked about the pressure of the tournament.

How Did Olivia Podmore Dies

The post is although has been deleted from the IG, however, in that post, the New Zealand cyclist rider wrote, “Sports is a spectacular exit for several people, it is a struggle, a fight however it is so joyful.” She further wrote, “The feeling of winning feels like outside this world, however, when you fail, when do not get chosen, even when you qualify, when you wounded, when you do not meet the expectation of the society like having a house, marriage, children all because you are trying to give your absolute best, your sweat and blood to your sports are also out of this word.”

For those who do not know, the 24-year old Podmore reached the qualification standards for the 2020 Summer Olympics, however, was not selected by the NZOC. She represented her country, New Zealand in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and also at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth games, but this time, she could not make it. The rejection and the pain of not getting selected for the Olympics might have hit her hard which certainly raises a huge concern about her mental health.

The death cause of Podmore has not been revealed yet, but according to the police spokesperson of NZ, they are investigating the case. The brother of Podmore, Michell took over his Facebook account and mourned over the passing of his dear sister. He wrote, “RIP to my gorgeous sister and loved daughter of Phil Podmore. You will be in our hearts forever.”

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