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Hoss00312 Twitch Hate Raid – Is h0ss00312 A Bot?

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Hoss00312 Twitch Hate Raid – Is h0ss00312 A Bot?


The new Twitch follower named Hoss00312 is actually a bot.

In the past few days, thousands of Twitch streamers were getting followed by an account named Hoss00312. Though it seemed harmless at first, it was actually a hate raid account.

Hoss00312 was actually made to steal IPs from people.

Hoss00312 Hate Raid Epidemic on Twitch

Recently, Hoss00312 started a hate raid epidemic on Twitch.

Hate raids are organized attacks that target streamers on Twitch – especially small and growing ones. Usually, bot accounts fill the streamers’ comment box with hate speech, slurs and even Nazi symbolism.

Sometimes, the raiders disguise as a fan or followers. Eventually, they steal personal information about the users.

A similar event occurred – and is occurring- just a few days ago. A twitch user named Hoss00312 started following thousands of people on Twitch. However, it was later found to be a hate raid account.

Apparently, Hoss00312 turned out to be an IP grabber. It used malicious extensions to gain around 13000 followers in just 2 days. This means it stole IPs from around 13000 Twitch streamers.

Is h0ss00312 A Bot? Real Name and Face Revaled

Yes, Hoss00312 is actually a bot account.

After multiple reports, Twitch has already removed Hoss00312 from the platform. But, the owner of Hoss00312 real name and face is not disclosed yet.

Since the account got deleted, the owner has actually made other accounts under similar names. Streamers are now receiving followers from following from like hossOO312, hOssOO312, and hossoo312.

In the latest update, Twitch users seemed to have slowed down the growth of Hoss00312. But, users still need to be careful about this.

In recent months, the number of bot accounts has been increasing massively to gain illegitimate followers. According to recent reports, Twitch discovered 7.5 million bot accounts on the platform.

How to stop Twitch Hate Raid bots?

You need to take some precautions to stop Twitch Hate Raid bots.

  1. Don’t click on a random Twitch profile, unless they are trusted
  2. Immdetaily report to Twitch if you see such malicious accounts
  3. Don’t use tags and tags can increase the chances of bots finding your account
  4. Use very strong and diverse AutoMod that can filter chats
  5. You can also limit and ban raids on Twitch

Nevertheless, Twitch users claim that it is very difficult to prevent hate raids and bot accounts. Earlier this month, people even started the #TwitchDoBetter trend on Twitter to speak on the matter.

On the other hand, Twitch seems to be working to strengthen the platform and streamer’s security.

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