Home Alone: Devin Ratray Girlfriend 2021 – Was He Arrested For Strangling?

Home Alone: Devin Ratray Girlfriend 2021 – Was He Arrested For Strangling?


The actor Devin Ratray deals with indictments for supposedly endeavoring to choke his girlfriend while they were in Oklahoma City recently. 

An American actor, writer, and producer, Devin Ratray, is popularly known for his role in the “Home Alone” franchise as Buzz McCallister.

Before that, he is also known for his films like “Nebraska” “Blue Ruin.” His television work incorporates “The Tick.”

With all the allegations, Devin is back at the center of attention, and netizens are interested to know more about his personal affairs. So, here’s everything we know about Devin Ratray.

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Recently, the news about Devin Ratray and his girlfriend has been a hot topic to talk about. The actor is currently facing charges for allegedly trying to strangle his girlfriend earlier this month in Oklahoma City.

Similarly, the Oklahoma County lead prosecutor shared a reasonable justification for a sworn statement for the accused of Nexstar’s KFOR.

As per the affirmation, Devin was in Oklahoma City as a celebrity guest at a Christmas convention. On December 8, the actor and his sweetheart went to a steakhouse and a bar where the two of them devoured liquor.

When two ladies requested Ratray’s autograph, his girlfriend pulled two marked signature cards out of her purse and gave them to the ladies.

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After that, things started to hit up between them, and their argument turned physically violent in the hotel room.

Devin Ratray Charges Mugshot: Was He Arrested For Strangling?

The 44-year-old actor who played the older brother of Macaulay Culkin’s character Kevin McCallister was accused of domestic assault and battery by strangulation Tuesday.

The victim experienced different wounds, including swelling under her left eye, marks under her right eye, marks over the left half of her upper lip, an injury on her chest, and an irritated right arm.

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As per the police report, Ratray’s girlfriend battled against him and bit his hand as it was squeezed over her mouth. Ratray quit gagging her, yet he then, at that point, hit her right in the face.

Devin Ratray actor wife or partner: Is He Married?

As per our knowledge, Devin Ratray was never married and didn’t have a wife.

He had always remained secretive about his personal life. Subsequently, any data about his married life and his dating history is hard to run over.

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