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Hoax: Was Jill Biden Arrested? Accusations And Fake Mugshots

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Hoax: Was Jill Biden Arrested? Accusations And Fake Mugshots


Hoax: Was Jill Biden Arrested? Accusations And Fake Mugshots

Was Jill Biden arrested? No, Dr. Jill Biden was not arrested amid rumors. Here’s everything about the accusations and fake mugshots.

First Lady Jill Biden assumed her role on January 20, 2021. Previously, she was also the Second Lady of the United States, from 2009 to 2017.

Professionally, she is recognized as an educator. She has worked as a teacher, instructor, and professor in various institutions.

Hoax: Was Jill Biden Arrested?

You might have read somewhere that Jill Biden has been arrested. Yes, we would like to clarify that the news is a hoax.

The story was initiated after Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy blamed Jill for the Afghanistan chaos. Reportedly, he believes that the first lady has failed the entire country for letting her husband run for president.

As per recent update, Biden’s press secretary, Michael LaRosa has asked the network for an apology. Moreover, she has called Rachel’s comments ‘disgusting.

Well, the Fox News host wasn’t happy with Joe Biden. According to Yahoo News, he has criticized the United States’ abysmal withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Ever since the drama entered the internet, several netizens are creating memes related to Jill’s arrest. So, we request everyone not to take the rumors seriously.

As far as we know, the jokes are being made mostly by Republicans. However, there are some Democrats who are also not entirely happy with the recent decision taken by the president.

Everything To Know About Jill Biden Accusations

Jill Biden has faced multiple accusations mostly related to her husband. Allegations are claiming she was kept behind bars for forcing her husband to run as president.

Moreover, some say that she was taken into custody for abusing an elderly man. Critics claim that Joe has an embarrassing declining cognitive inability.

Furthermore, Genesius Times has created humorous content. Reportedly, they claim that  Jill uses an electrical cattle prod to ask her husband questions.

Well, the joke also includes Delaware’s Adult Protective Services arresting her for the mistreatment of a vulnerable adult. Additionally, they claim that Jill was released on a $1,000,000 bail.

Also, they have called her step-son, Hunter Biden as ‘a multi-millionaire fine artist’. Moreover, the article reads that Joe shouldn’t have been the president.

Well, these might sound funny to some of our readers. However, it’s truly disrespectful for Jill and her family.

First Lady Biden Fake Mugshots

Jill Biden’s fake mugshots have been uploaded on social media. To be clear here, she has never been arrested.

With the use of various photo-editing tools, everything is possible in recent times. So, the mugshots you see on the internet are not reak.

Furthermore, some pictures are showing Jill being arrested. Indeed, these are also artistic works from some of the critics.

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