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HBomb94 Age And Wikipedia & Girlfriend: What’s The YouTuber Net Worth?

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HBomb94 Age And Wikipedia & Girlfriend: What’s The YouTuber Net Worth?


What is Youtuber HBomb94 age? Get to learn about his net worth and earnings.

Liam better known as HBomb94 is an American Youtuber and Twitch streamer who first gained fame for his Call of Duty game videos.

Now the streamer now usually posts videos of Minecraft with his Minecraft video “I Became Fundy’s Maid…” being his most popular video.

He has also taken part in Minecraft Championship where the gamers come together to play various minigames. The Youtuber has been steadily gaining fans and has a consistent streaming schedule.

HBomb94 Age and Wikipedia

According to famousbirthdays, HBomb94’s age is 27 years old and his birthday falls on January 4.

He was born in the year 1994 and is originally from Chicago. He has also lived in Arizona and now has moved back to Los Angeles.

Likewise, HBomb94 doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him yet.

However, given his popularity, we do expect him to have a Wikipedia page soon.

On the other hand, he does have a Youtube Fandom page dedicated to him and has also been featured on Dream Team Fandom.

Who is HBomb94 Girlfriend?

Hbomb94 doesn’t have a girlfriend currently.

In the past, he was in a relationship with Corrine who was referred to by the fans as “babebomb94”, a ship name.

But the couple broke up in July 2016 and the reasons for their break up have not been revealed yet.

Moreover, he seems to have been single since then and is seen with his friends most of the time on his Instagram.


What is HBomb94 Net Worth?

As per idolnetworth, HBomb94’s net worth is said to be $10 million dollars.

The streamer has accumulated a lot of followers and subscribers on his social media and hence is earning well.

Hbomb94 Youtube

Hbomb94 runs 2 Youtube channels: HBomb94 and HBombPlays.

He has over 450k and 18.8k subscribers so far.

Likewise, his Twitch @HBomb94 has more than 605k followers.

The streamer is also on Instagram @realhbomb94 and Twitter @HBomb94 with 66.1k and 515.6k followers.


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