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Greg Wise To take Up Dancing For His Sister – Meet The Contestant On Strictly Come Dancing

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Greg Wise To take Up Dancing For His Sister – Meet The Contestant On Strictly Come Dancing


Who Is Greg Wise Sister? Clare Wise Death By Cancer – Age & Parents

Greg Wise sister Clare Wise died of cancer on September 13, 2016. She was suffering from breast cancer which returned as bone cancer in 2015.

English actor-producer Greg Wise is about to take part in Strictly Come Dancing, and he has revealed that he is doing so for his beloved sister, Claire.

Greg had a sister named Clare Wise, who was very close to his heart.

However, the English actor had to lose his sibling forever as she died of bone cancer in the year 2016.

Clare was born in Newcastle in the year 1964, and she was the elder sister of Greg who was an unfailing and devoted carer to her in the final months of illness.

When she was alive, Clare used to work as a film executive and production consultant for the UK Film Council and was also the vice president of international production at Universal Pictures.

Clare Wise Death By Cancer

Clare died because of bone cancer but before that, she also suffered from breast cancer.

She had made a beautiful career for herself and had appeared in lead roles in school as Plaintiff in Trial by Jury in 1982.

Also, we can see her impact in Waiting for Godot as Estragon in production in 1983.

Both Clare and her brother Greg were awarded the Richard Atkinson Memorial prizes for drama after their performance in Waiting for Godot.

Moreover, Clare was also awarded a scholarship to St. George’s School in Newport, Rhode Island, the USA, for two terms as she was an avid reader.

During her time at the University of Bristol, Clare was also appointed Head of House in Queen’s and was one of the early in-take of girls to St. Peter’s between 1981 and 1983.

Clare Wise Age- Meet Her Parents

Greg’s sister’s age was 51 years old when she died.

If she had been alive till today, she would have been of 56 years old as she was known to be just one year elder than her brother Greg, who is currently 55 years old.

Talking about Claire’s parents, she was born to English parents.

Both her father, Douglass Wise, and her mother, Yvonne Jeannie Czeiler were architects.

Her brother, Greg, was born on May 15, 1996, and he attended Heriot University before studying drama at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. 

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