Goulburn: Who Was Ghassan Amoun Brother Bassam Hamzy? Shot To Death -Details To Know

Goulburn: Who Was Ghassan Amoun Brother Bassam Hamzy? Shot To Death -Details To Know
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The gangland conflict in Sydney has erupted once more, with Ghassan Amoun, the brother of criminal leader Bassam Hamzy, being shot dead in broad sight.

Ghassan Amoun was shot many times in South Wentworthville at 1 p.m. today, according to investigative sources.

A burnt-out automobile was discovered nearby and is thought to have been involved in the attack.

There were emergency services were dispatched to the intersection of Rawson Road and the Great Western Highway, according to police.

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Goulburn: Who Was Bassam Hamzy? His Wikipedia Explored

A 35-year-old guy was located in a car on the street with gunshot wounds, but he died at the site. His name was identified as Bassam Hamzy.

Ghassan Amoun was shot in the head, according to the ABC.

The shooting was “very plainly targeted,” said Superintendent Glenn Fitzgerald, with “evident linkages to criminal networks.”

Who Was Ghassan Amoun Brother? Was He Shot To Death?

According to Superintendent Fitzgerald, Ghassan Amoun was shot as he approached the automobile.

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He said that two persons were engaged in the shooting: the gunman and a driver.

Mr. Hamzy’s counsel said that Mr. Amoun had been notified by police that he was being pursued but that he was “unconcerned.”

Ghassan Amoun’s death comes after his brother Mejid Hamzy was shot and killed in Condell Park in 2020, and his cousin Bilal Hamzy was shot and killed outside a Japanese restaurant in Sydney’s CBD last year.

Although there is no evidence that the Alameddine family was involved in today’s shooting, the Hamzy and Alameddine families have been embroiled in an increasing gang war.

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Who Is Bassam Hamzy?

From his jail cell in 2007, Bassam Hamzy created the Brothers 4 Life gang.

He was first sentenced to 21 years in prison in 1999, when he was 19 years old, for the murder of youngster Kris Toumazis, who was shot dead outside a Sydney nightclub.

He has received further significant prison terms for narcotics distribution and other offenses. 

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