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Gorilla Glue Girl Death Is Completely False- The Rapper Adds To The Celebrity Death Hoax List

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Gorilla Glue Girl Death Is Completely False- The Rapper Adds To The Celebrity Death Hoax List


Gorilla Glue Girl’s death is completely false as she made a full recovery from her hair surgery. Get all the latest updates on this year’s viral internet personality below!

Gorilla Glue Girl is the viral woman who had bombarded the internet early this year.

She had sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue adhesive that is used to glue metals and woods. 

The product has never been suggested to put on hair and skin; however, the Gorilla Glue Girl used it as an alternative to her hairspray in a rush.

After failing to take it out of her hair and weeks passed, she turned to TikTok for advice.

That was when she got viral and gained the nickname of “Gorilla Glue Girl.”

Gorilla Glue Girl’s death rumor is completely false.

She came under rumors that she could not make it alive from her hair surgery; however, that is not the truth.

She recovered from her surgery and recovered very well. Moreover, she is kicking and thriving today.

After successfully getting rid of her glued hair, she launched her “own hair care line called Forever Hair.

She is running her business very smoothly as she is quite loved by many.

Similarly, as of November 19, the Gorilla Glue Girl will be releasing her song “Ma Hair” at midnight on all platforms.

It seems the Gorilla Glue Girl is the perfect example of “All’s well that ends well.”

Who Is Gorilla Glue Girl? Is She On Wikipedia?

Gorilla Glue Girl became the talk of the internet after her video went viral and garnered more than 4 million views.

She first uploaded a video explaining her hair situation on her TikTok handle, hoping to receive advice from her friend’s circle.

She never expected that the video would go viral and she would gain the nickname of “Gorilla Glue Hair.”

She is a mother of six children and has her own big family in South Louisiana.

Now that she is rapping, the Gorilla Glue Girl’s fame has reached every nook from social media, the business field, and the rap industry.

Gorilla Glue Girl Age and Real Name Explored

Gorilla Glue Girl’s age falls around her 40s, per E! Online.

Her real name is Tessica Brown, but she is well-known for her nickname.

She is quite active on all social media platforms, including Instagram.

Brown has revealed that she is not fond of her nickname involving Gorilla Glue recently.

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