Global News: What happened to Farah Nasser, Where Is She Now, Is She Ill?

Global News: What happened to Farah Nasser, Where Is She Now, Is She Ill?


What happened to Farah Nasser? Where Is She Now? Is She Ill? Get all the answers to your queries here below!

Farah Nasser is an award-winning journalist and news anchor at Global News.

Having an extensive work background in the journalism sector, she is one of the bonafide, veterans, and well-known journalist faces in Canada.

Nasser is often described as the epitome of a career woman who is well-spoken in the industry, family life, and cultural differences.

Being the viewers’ favorite, her recent absence from Global News has caused a wide stir among her fans at the moment.

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Stay tuned to get more latest updates on her!

What happened to Farah Nasser? Is She Ill?

Farah Nasser is not ill nor she is facing any physical difficulties at the moment.

Though she has not cleared the absolute reason behind her leave from Global News, she confirmed via an Instagram post that her leave is temporary.

Thus, there is still hope for her regular viewers who wish to see her more often on the screen.

Nasser’s absence from the Global News screen for the last few weeks was quite upsetting.

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Moreover, the public could not gush over the reason behind her leave.

In addition to this, some netizens suspected that she may be facing an illness.

However, our sources confirm that is not the case here. The journalist is on a leave to tend to her family matters.

Hence, this proves that Nasser is also quite a dedicated family woman and an inspiring figure to look up at.

Where Is Farah Nasser Now?

Farah Nasser is currently tending her family situation in Toronto.

She has been residing in the city for quite a long time now.

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Nasser is a married woman with two young children and enjoys the height of being a family person.

Likewise, we have yet to confirm if her family problem is related to her husband, Razid Samdjy, or her children.

At such a crisis, the public has compiled to Nasser’s choice for privacy since she called out her reason for her absence on November 25.

We hope the viewers’ favorite news anchor will soon join the Global news panel and assure her intrigued fans.

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